Darwin, Australia pool getting big upgrade – by losing 30 centimeters

A Darwin, Australia-based 50-meter swimming pool will actually become a square 50 meters after earning government funding for a facility upgrade, per a report by The Guardian‘s website.

But perhaps the biggest piece of that $8.8 million upgrade will come down to just 30 centimeters.

That’s because the existing 50-meter pool was actually built to be 55 yards long – equivalent to 50 meters and 30 centimeters.

The pool’s upgrade will bring it up – or in this case, down – to FINA regulations for the internationally-recognized pool length, and allow it to host official competitions.

But before you raise eyebrows at an $8.8 million price tag for a 30-centimeter pool reduction, know that there’s plenty more to the facility upgrade, including a brand-new 25-meter pool, new structures to provide shade and other upgrades, according to The Guardian.

The Guardian reports that half of the total price tag will come from the Northern Territory government, and federal treasurer Joe Hockey announced his department would be covering the other $4.4 million.

“I’m very pleased to be here … to make a 50-metre pool 50 metres,” Hockey said in The Guardian‘s report.

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