NY High School & Club Coach Given Temporary Suspension, No-Contact Directive

New York high school and club swim coach Mark Miles has been added to the U.S. Center for SafeSport’s database with a temporary suspension.

Miles is listed as the head senior coach for Thrashers Swimming out of New York. A fundraiser page also lists him as the head coach for girls swimming & diving at Horseheads Central School district. The SafeSport database entry lists Miles with the city of Horseheads, NY.

The SafeSport database says Miles is temporarily suspended, with a no contact directive, as of January 29, 2020. The entry is listed with “allegations of misconduct.” Miles also appears on USA Swimming’s list of temporary bans with an interim suspension.

We’ve reached out to Miles, the Thrashers Swimming club, and the Horseheads School District Athletic Department for comment on the allegations against Miles, as well as his current employment status with those institutions. So far, we have not received response.

Update: Horseheads School District released the following statement: “Mr. Miles is no longer employed by the Horseheads Central School District. As this is a personnel matter, we cannot comment further. Any further questions should be directed to the Horseheads Police Department.”

The SafeSport database now includes 184 swimming-related names, carrying either permanent bans or temporary measures. The U.S. Center for SafeSport took over the investigations of allegations of misconduct among Olympic sport members. Inclusion in the Center for SafeSport’s database means the sanction given applies to participation in all Olympic sports, not just swimming.

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