World Champion Ning Zetao Makes Brisbane Home Under Coach Matt Brown

We reported back in February how high-profile Australian coach Matt Brown was returning to Brisbane to take over as Head Coach at Parkinson Aquatic Centre, but we now know more details of his actual squad’s composition. Along with local Queensland talent, Brown will have reigning 100m freestyle world champion Ning Zetao of China under his tutelage.

Zetao will be joined by Fu Yuanhui and Xu Jiayu, both medalists in backstroke at the 2016 Olympic Games and both of whom have worked with Brown in the past.  Shi Jinglin is also headed to Parkinson, per The Courier Mail, with the squad splitting their time between Australia and China leading up to the 2017 FINA World Championships.

Despite having won gold in Kazan, Zetao was left off of China’s preliminary roster for Budapest. The omission most likely has to do with his being kicked off of the national team for various rule violations last year, however, there is still time for his federation to add him to the roster.


Of the prospect of Aussies training alongside Chinese Olympic talent, Brown told The Courier Mail“While the squad is new and growing everyday, I am thrilled to be able to offer local emerging swimmers the chance to train in such an exciting team and environment, with a program that accommodates all levels of capabilities.”

Prior to spending the last two years in Melbourne leading the Surrey Park Swimming Club, Brown had spent the previous 12 years coaching in Brisbane with the Nudgee Brothers Swim Club. While at Nudgee Brown’s star pupil was Emily Seebohm, who he coached for all 12 of those years.

Brown is not the only Aussie coach to have worked with Asian swimmers on domestic soil. Denis Cotterell worked with Chinese Olympic gold medalist Sun Yang at various points in his career, while Park Tae Hwan has been training under Warringah’s Tim Lane since 2016.


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Disappointing, Another Australian coach with no morals or ethics. Ning Zetao failed a drug test in April 2011 when he tested positive for clenbuterol, a common favorite performance enhancer among drug cheats across many sports. This led to a one-year suspension. He filed an appeal to overturn the ban which was denied. When do Australian coaches take a stand for clean athletes by not supporting known and clear drug cheats that come to train from other countries. In my book you get only one strike with a clear violation of the rules. Just as criminal has a record for life so should a clear doper. Australia does not issue Visas to criminals so why would they issue a Visa to… Read more »


I just look on it as ppl on visas , he has been accepted & that is all. If he wishes to persue permanent residency that is ok too .


He also has to be able to feed himself and most probably a family …. and swim coaching (incl at elite level) is hardly a lucrative career. Were it a case that his program was one that is receiving “official money”, ie designated as a Podium Centre, then he would most certainly have a case to answer but the fact is that he is not. When he was running the Nudgee College program, he WAS but since then he has been operating at a level below. Dennis Cotterall (at Miami) WAS a Podium Centre hence the furore re Sun Yang and the later tightening of regs. Furthermore, in the overwhelming majority of nations; a doping violation is NOT classified as… Read more »


CW You raise some interesting points. I did mention clear doping violations a few time ie athletes convicted of clearly ingesting performance enhancing drugs. To clarify my position, precluding overseas swimmers from accessing local training only applies in these cases. Having elite level athlete training in other countries is great for the sport and enhances the training environment for both the local and visiting athlete. I just believe that inviting previous convicted dopers into a local squad is just the wrong thing to do for a host of reasons. As for local swimmers who break the rules, unfortunately all countries are stuck with them and would have to allow them to access to training faculties but there is no reason… Read more »


your children made some mistakes, you must kill them, dont forgive, and no mercy.

bobo gigi

Another traitor! 😆 😆
An Australian coach trains some of the best Chinese swimmers to beat Australian swimmers!
That’s like if Denis Cotterell had trained Sun Yang to beat the best Australian distance guys!
That’s like if Bob Bowman had trained Yannick Agnel to help the French relays beat the Americans!
That’s like if Dave Salo had trained Yuliya Efimova to beat the American breaststrokers!
Or that’s like if a US presidential candidate had colluded with Russia to be elected…..


Where is the symmetry with no5? You were going so well it was quite poetic .
Ive fixed it for you

5) like Putin has trained 7 states to swing Mr Ts way .

I too stated here on SwSw that DT could win . Sitting R Governors , Sitting R Senators gets the base out & once at the polling booth they are not going to throw it away.without a tick for Gop President .

Anyways its 6 months & life hasn’t changed.

Lane Four

It has changed for many people in this country. I won’t debate here out of respect for the site, but yes, there are negative changes.

samuel huntington

seen a lot of positive changes


Elections have consequences & or we would not have them .A negative for you is likely a positive for somene else . Currently I have some young English friends who are besides themselves. I’ve been there myself when I was young but life does go on. What is missing in this refusal to accept the 2016 result is that the Ds have lost 1, 050 legislative seats across the US since 2010 & that all D directives / policies had been from DC via Courts & Executive Orders. A person from outta space would say – Your institutions are collapsed -but maybe have been non existent for 15 years & just a cover for The Deep State . I am… Read more »


Oh & the CIS ( lmao) team went on to a superlative Olympics in 92 so US has great chances for Tokyo .
I’d prefer to see a clean physical split but it will most likely be figurative . The divisions in US society will become a business in itself & life will be a gigantic gladiator stadium with boutique fights we will all watch & even bet on . I made $ 5 on the Montana biffo . More please !


Or it’s like someone has been watching way to much CNN and actually believes that


@ BOBO GIGI: not long time ago somebody here promised to not bring political issues to the swimming news website.

At the time of Cold War two guys are arguing which country has a real democracy. American says: I can stay next to the White House and say loudly – Nixon is a fool.
Russian responds: Big deal. I also can come to the Red Square and say – Nixon is a fool.
Isn’t French political climate more troubling than American one to be used for political analogies in your comments. Or you are afraid of being hurt by either fascist or immigrant groups. So the American politics is a safe place to be critical.


To be fair, Bowman did a pretty good job of making sure that Angel didn’t beat the Americans!

Aussie crawl

Its all about the dollar now huh ??


Yeah it,s all about the dollar. The coaches need to feed themselves.


Calm down dear Aussie. The Chinese won’t beat King Kyle Chalmers.


Somewhat of rhetorical question seeing as neither of them looks likely to be in Budapest ?


I didn’t say they will. I wasn’t referring to this year, I mean FOREVER lol.

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