New SwimSwam Poll: Which NAG Record Was Most Impressive?

This past weekend saw an all-out assault on USA Swimming’s National Age Group record books, with records falling at both the East and West Winter Junior Championships, plus the Nation’s Capital Swim Club Invite in Maryland.

Now we’re asking you, the SwimSwam reader, to vote on which NAG record of the weekend was most impressive in our latest A3 Performance Poll.

With the sheer number of records, we weren’t able to include all of them as individual poll options – several are rolled into the “other” designation. If you feel strongly about one of the “other” selections, leave your reasoning in the comments section, and we’ll analyze both the poll and the comments in our “SwimSwam Pulse” segment when we close the poll.

Important Note: We are not including Katie Ledecky‘s 8:59.65 in the 1000 free as one of the options, classifying that swim as an overall American record rather than just a NAG (though it was the National Age Group record for the 17-18s). As exciting as it might be to see Ledecky’s swim (11 seconds faster than anyone of any age in the history of swimming) sweep nearly all the votes, it’ll make for more interesting poll results to pit only the NAG records that weren’t also American records against one another.

National Age Group Records – Weekend of December 12-13

Speedo West Winter Junior Championships:

Speedo East Winter Junior Championships:

  • Alex Walsh, 13-14 girls 200 IM: 1:56.20
  • Alex Walsh, 13-14 girls 100 back: 51.62
  • Camden Murphy, 15-16 boys 100 fly: 46.25
  • SwimMAC girls, 15-18, 17-18 girls 200 free relay: 1:30.09
  • SwimMAC girls, 17-18 girls 400 free relay: 3:16.62

NCAP Invite:

  • Reece Whitley, 15-16 boys 200 breast: 1:53.66
  • Brett Feyerick, 11-12 boys 50 back: 24.22

You can vote for your favorite swim in our latest A3 Peformance Poll, which you can find on the homepage or embedded below:

Which NAG Record was most impressive?

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5 years ago

What sets apart Hoffer from the others is not only was it a national age group record but it made him the second fastest American in the event ever and the fourth best performer ever in the event, making it just as impressive as Dressels 50 free if not more so

Reply to  Uberfan
5 years ago

i would have to agree with this statement. while all are impressive, very impressive. Hoffers is set apart because of where he places all time in America with the swim. not just his age group or juniors. Also his 100 free reminded me of Ian crockers which i like.

5 years ago

I have voted Hoffer 100 free but the other two are very impressive too. Andrew became first to go not only under 1:44, but also under 1:43. As for Whitley, he is just 15. I see him swimming this next year in 1:50 which would be also the 17-18 nag record.

Derek Mead
5 years ago

Hate doing this since they’re all such awesome times and it diminishes incredible races, but it’s Hoffer’s 100 free. A lot of the world’s top talent swims SCY when they’re in college and fully focus on NCAAs, so you know the records are legit.

Not to take anything away from Ledecky, but few people swim a 1,000 SCY fully tapered since it isn’t an event at NCAAs because they do the 1650 instead.

His time would win NCAAs almost every year which is saying a lot looking at the recent sprint talent in college (Cielo, Morozov, Adrian, Bosquet) only dominant sprinter recently who hasn’t swam college is Manaudou.

Reply to  Derek Mead
5 years ago

In case we are truly trying to say that Ledecky’s 1000 is less impressive than Hoffer’s 100 because the 1000 is not an NCAA event, let’s remember that Ledecky’s 1000 is faster than 2x the 500 free NCAA record…..
I know Ledecky isn’t a part of this poll, but I wanted to set the record straight based on this comment.

5 years ago

There should be an option for Ledecky’s 1000 NAG…obviously all these others pale in comparison!

5 years ago

The correct answer is Ledecky. Barring that, the next answer is Hoffer. 41.2 is simply ridiculous for a 17 year old. That time puts him in some extremely elite company and at a very young age for a sprinter. Of course, what this means for Hoffer in the world of LCM is anyone’s guess.

5 years ago

I voted for Hoffer’s 100 Free as well. Andrew’s list is really impressive with three marks, but a closer analysis of Hoffer’s weekend also carries some of the same multiple event flavor.

He had three other events of significance. 50 Free under Nat High School record; 100 Fly under National High school record; 100 Back less than 0.2 off National HS record by Ryan Murphy.

Hoffer failed to add more NAGs at least in part as in the 17-18 grouping, a fair number of athletes are still 18 in their first year of college. The 17-18 NAG in the 50 free was Dressel’s NCAA win, Shields 100 Fly record was from his freshman year at Cal and the 100 back… Read more »

Coach Keenan
5 years ago

This poll is definitely going to be biased if you put Ryan Hoffer’s face as the accompanying image..

bobo gigi
Reply to  Coach Keenan
5 years ago

I agree it’s not fair to put a photo of Mr Hoffer and not of the 2 others.
But if people have a brain and can reflect by themselves, then it should not influence them.
Unfortunately it’s not the case for everybody….

5 years ago

I think we got caught up in Ledecky’s mind-blowing time to forget that she’s still 18. So her swim is again, a NAG. And IMO, should lead this poll.

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