New Age of Video Analysis: Stroke Lab

by FINIS 2

April 25th, 2012 Gear, Swim Often, Swim Smarter

In competitive swimming, video analysis is nothing new. Coaches worldwide have utilized video to improve stroke technique and help their swimmers perform at their optimal level. With the advanced technology coaches have the ability to critically analyze all aspects of a swimmer’s mechanics. FINIS Stroke Lab™ takes video analysis to the next step by providing an easier avenue for coaches and swimmers to store and share their videos. FINIS Stroke Lab™ is a customized web-based video analysis tool that allows for you to go in and correct various stroke inefficiencies.

FINIS Stroke Lab™ video editor lets you slow down your swimming and give specific feedback by inserting text and audio comments. Youcan also use drawing tools such as a pen or angled line to show corrections right on the video. A great feature is the ability to slow the video down one frame at a time, which is extremely helpful in breaking down strokes and really hitting the key changes needing to be made.  Whether it is correcting elbow position or encouraging proper hip alignment, there are a wide variety of FINIS Stroke Lab™ editor tools that make it easy to become a more effective swimmer.

The FINIS Stroke Lab™ also comes as Team Platform where coaches can easily manage and communicate with athletes in one central location. Coaches simply invite their athletes via the web, and they can view and analyze their tagged videos. Athletes can also upload new videos for a coach to provide feedback. The result is a fun one-on-one learning tool between swimmer and coach.

Because it is a web application, FINIS Stroke Lab™ allows you to upload and distribute your videos online, providing instant access 24 hours a day. This availability is especially beneficial for swimmers, who are balancing hectic schedules. You now have the opportunity to review the comments made on videos when it is most convenient for them. You will also be able to archive their videos on the web you are able to see how you’ve improved (or how they didn’t improve) over time. This is especially nice during taper season or the start of a new season where technique is critical.

FINIS Stroke Lab™ is an amazing teaching tool that has benefits that include more than just swimming ones. Stroke Lab helps teach swimmers how to critically analyze something as well as work on communication with people. This technologically advanced web-tool is the obvious next step in the development of you as an athlete both in and out of the pool.

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I’m going to go into a shameless plug here for a moment… I was lucky enough to develop the UI for this when I worked at Finis. It has some pretty cool features and once you see it in action, you will become addicted.

Bob Squier

I’ve been trying to find this app online and in the Itunes store and can’t find it anywhere… was it removed from the market or did it get sold?

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