NC State Gets Another Transfer: 22.0 Sprinter Sirena Rowe

The third transfer over this summer for the Wolfpack, Sirena Rowe has left Marshall University in West Virginia and is now on the NC State team.

Rowe is a great sprint freestyler, and was one of the few mid-major appearances in the 50 free at NCAAs. She finished 35th in the 50 free in 2017 with a 22.43, but had she gone her lifetime best of 22.08, she would’ve been 19th in prelims.


  • 50y free 22.08
  • 100y free 49.53
  • 50y back 24.15
  • 100y back 53.67

In addition to being a great freestyler, Rowe is also a strong backstroker, with her 50 back time being the most intriguing. Her 24.15 is actually a tick faster than the 24.24 that Elise Haan went leading off NC State‘s 200 medley relay in finals last year at NCAAs.

In terms of returning roster members, Rowe is #3 for NC State in the 50 free with her 22.08 behind Ky-lee Perry (21.80) and Courtney Caldwell (21.99). She’ll bulk up an already-strong sprint group in Raleigh, and her backstroke speed could land her a medley relay spot at the end of the year.

As previously mentioned, Rowe is the third transfer to NC State this summer, and the other two are pretty impactful, too. Lexie Lupton announced her transfer from Texas A&M in late May, while Summer Finke is now with NC State after a year at Florida State and then a year off. Lupton is a pure sprinter like Rowe, while Finke is a distance specialist.

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expert coach
3 years ago

the rich get richter

Sweet T
3 years ago

Great addition to an already great team.
Great for the Wolf Pac and greater for Sirena

Ex Quaker
3 years ago

The rich get richer. Congrats to Sirena.

Reply to  Ex Quaker
3 years ago

I would not call NC State rich, maybe upper middle class.

Reply to  Swimmer
3 years ago

Best team & coaching compared to their pool. Based on that they are the “Pound for Pound Champ” definitely.

Reply to  Swimmer
3 years ago

Nouveau riche

3 years ago

Looks like Cobe Garcia from Kentucky also transferred to State.

3 years ago

Why would she not go to UVA? They just got the best sprint coach in the country and are astronomically superior academically.

Reply to  Liers
3 years ago

The academic part depends greatly on what it is that she is studying. being ‘astronomically superior academically’ doesn’t necessarily appeal if the focus is on study programs she isn’t a part of, or if student:teacher ratio is too high where she is affected, or any number of factors swirling around the overall spectrum of ‘academia’.

Also, UVA JUST got an excellent sprint coach, while NC State has had proven success for years and only seems to be expanding upon that. Probably best to go with the more sure thing…

Eddie Rowe
Reply to  Liers
3 years ago

I’m going to ignore the “astronomically superior academically” NONSENSE for a moment to suggest you don’t understand TIMING at all. DeSorbo was announced as the coach at UVa relatively recently. Recently enough that wheels were already turning for Sirena to attend NCSU. Not that I’d know anything about that . . . #prouduncle.

3 years ago

Great decision to jump ship and join WINNERS!!!!

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