Nathan Adrian – There’s A Reason Why We Swim The Race

To wrap up the 2014 US National Championships, Anthony Ervin won the men’s 50 free, securing his spot on the 2014 Pan Pacs team. He touched the wall for the win at 21.55, followed by Nathan Adrian at 21.69. Cullen Jones reached in for third, earning the final spot on the Pan Pac team. Josh Schneider finished fourth with his time of 21.88.

Matt Grevers was fifth at 22.25, followed by Jimmy Feigen in sixth. Seth Stubblefield finished 7th at 22.34 and Mark Weber finished 8th at 22.62.

The B-final was frustrating for many of the finalsts, as one swimmer jumped early, causing the whole crowd to yell prior to the start buzzer sounding. Instead of holding the swimmers back, they let the race continue. Some swimmers stood up while others got a head start. There was only one DQ in the B-final, although there should have been at least 4 or 5.

That being said, Caeleb Dressel won the B-final of the men’s 50 freestyle at 22.50. Brad DeBordewas second at 22.51.

James Jones won the C-final of the men’s 50 freestyle with his time of 22.93.

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Hopefully he will put a great 100 at Pan Pacs which should be a great race with the Aussies and Brazilians .


Unless chiereginni swims like last year i do not bet on brazil doing something on 100. I am more.hopeful of fratus on 50


the 100 free will be between 3 guys in 2 weeks : Mc Evoy , Magnussen & Adrian !
50 free : Fratus , Adrian , Mc Evoy & Ervin …maybe i missed one or 2 swimmers ….


McEvoy will not be a factor in 50 free unless the times are slow overall.


Is there a video available for the B final? As an official, watching a bad start can be an invaluable learning tool.


it will come soon , patience !


If this had happened in an A final, I think the refs would have acted differently. That’s the ultimate mark of bad officiating. No way this race should have counted.


This race was embarassing! I was in shock afterward! If you look at the replay, it even seems like Dressel had a rolling start, but due to the delay between the time the swimmers hear the start and the time the video picks up the sound I can’t really judge that.


I have watched it several times over and I feel the officials handled appropriately. One swimmer left early and the start was an instant later.


absolutely not. this was an officiating mistake, plain and simple. i’ve watched the video again several times in real-time and slow-motion. it’s clear that the swimmer in lane 8 just jumps very early, perhaps because he was trying to anticipate the start or perhaps because the ref held them down too long. the swimmers in lane 1 and 5 clearly flinch before the start, with lane 5 very obviously rocking forward and almost losing his balance. i think these guys were reacting to the *sound* of the swimmer false-starting in lane 8. remember, the crowd was dead silent, these guys are on a hair-trigger, and the sound of lane 8 diving is clearly audible on the video. lane 1 seemed… Read more »


This race should have been recalled, imho.


As a former Gulf starter and National level stroke and turn official, that scenario is a starter’s nightmare. My impression is that the swimmer left early just as the starter was engaging the button and did not have a chance to stand them up. 10.1.3.B If the starting signal has been given before the disqualification is declared, the race shall continue without recall. If the Referee independently observes and confirms the Starter’s observation that a violation occurred, the swimmer or swimmers who have false started shall be disqualified upon completion of the race. If the starter did recall the race, the individual that did leave early would be allowed to swim in the re-start based upon my interpretation. C If… Read more »


whoops. Just re-read C and the issue is inadvertently on a recall . Would like some other officials to chime in. I have been reading through the rule book and also some guidelines from our Gulf swimming website for starters.


As an official for the last 10 years, I can tell you that I have been criticized both ways; for doing a recall and not doing a recall. It’s a no win situation. Most starters are loath to recall a 50 free. Many of the swimmers will not stop and sprint the whole 50 no matter what. I must say, though, this race should have been recalled. Lane 8 clearly did a false start. Lane 5 reacted to lane 8. Several other lanes reacted after that. It was such a bad start, there was really no compelling reason not to recall.

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