Mitch “The Man” Larkin Clocks Even Lower Aussie & Commonwealth Records

Larkin is slated to swim at the two remaining World Cup stops in Dubai and Doha, therefore, we very well may yet see his times continue to drop before the year runs out.” – Such were the final words of my previous post on October 29th, Day 2 of the Tokyo stop of the World Cup and Australian Mitch Larkin indeed fulfilled this potential.

Tonight on Day 2 of the World Cup Dubai, Larkin blasted another set of Australian and Commonwealth 200m backstroke Records, lowering his Tokyo mark of 1:53.34 even further.  1:53.17 was the historic mark Larkin clocked tonight, knocking on the door of the elusive 1:51.92 world record held by American Aaron Peirsol from 2009. Larkin’s time tonight ranks as the 6th-fastest performance of all time and 3rd-fastest textile performance.  As with his 1:53.34 outing, Larkin’s 1:53.17 would have beaten Tyler Clary’s 1:53.41 in London for gold.

  1. Aaron Peirsol 1:51.92, 2009
  2. Ryosuke Irie 1:52.51, 2009
  3. Ryosuke Irie, 1:52.86, 2008
  4. Ryan Lochte, 1:52.96, 2011
  5. Aaron Peirsol 1:53.08, 2009
  6. Mitch Larkin 1:53.17, 2015
  7. Ryosuke Irie, 1:53.26, 2014
  8. Mitch Larkin, 1:53.34, 2015

Here is the split comparison between Larkin’s Tokyo and Dubai performances, as well as the World Record thrown in for good measure.  Larkin took Dubai’s race out a solid 2 tenths quicker tonight than in Tokyo, eased up in the 3rd 50 a tad, but was able to charge home in a low enough split to keep his total time under the Tokyo mark.  Compared to Peirsol, however, Larkin needs to keep his mid-swim speed in check, as Peirsol has about a full second lead on the 3rd 50, just comparing the numbers on paper.

Larkin Tokyo 26.59/28.95/29.11/28.69 = 1:53.34

Larkin Dubai 26.39/28.77/29.50/28.51 = 1:53.17

Peirsol WR 26.52/28.38/28.40/28.62 = 1:51.92

Larkin will be most likely be getting some short course meters work in before the year is out, as the Australian Short Course Championships are scheduled for November 26th-28th.

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Can someone double check that 1.52.86 by Irie. I’m almost positive that he did that in 2009. I thought Lochte had the textile record.


Yeah that 1:52.86 was in a shiny suit

bobo gigi

Amazing consistency by both Australian backstroke stars since August. Question from a non specialist: like Hosszu they are able to repeat week after week the same kind of performances and replicate the same race tactics. Are they under USRPT training regimen or something close to the philosophy of the Andrew family? They are very consistent at a very high level. Both will probably break the 100 back world records at the next Australian championships. But it doesn’t mean they will be olympic champions. Lacourt, Plummer, Grevers, Murphy and Missy F. are unable to swim crazy fast times not fully tapered but we know they will deliver when it counts. That’s still impressive to recap. Last 100 back performances by Larkin:… Read more »



As much as I adore and admire your truly superior swimming knowledge, you made a mistake:

Larkin swam 53.28 in last year’s Pan Pacs, not 53.46.

Also, Larkin got nothing on Murphy. Even after dropping his IM events and training LCM all year round, he only got to 52.1 this year. Meanwhile, who trained and swam mostly SCY all year round was able to crush his PB by more than one second and down to 52.1
You just imagine what Murphy will do next year when he will train and focus on the Olympics. He will sweep both back events like what you said, Bobo!!


I am at awe at your swimming knowledge! You know swimming so much more than anyone else!

But have a faith in yourself. I still believe in your words when you kept saying that Murphy is the new backstroke king and will rule backstroke and sweep back events in Rio. I also still believe when you kept saying that this year maybe Seebohm’s but next year Franklin will take back both back events in Rio.

Have a faith in your own words, Bobo! Both Larkin and Seebohm will be reduced to minor medals when Murphy and Franklin take the podium in Rio!

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Loretta grew up outside Toledo, OH, where she swam age group and high school. Graduating from Xavier University, she stayed in the Cincinnati, OH area and currently resides just outside the city in Northern KY.  Loretta got back into the sport of swimming via Masters and now competes and is …

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