Missy Franklin Makes Appearance In Indy, Speaks To Her Career Status


Fans and swim enthusiasts attending the 2017 FINA World Junior Championships in Indianapolis were treated to an appearance by 5-time Olympic champion Missy FranklinThe American superstar greeted young fans, signed autographs and took plenty of selfies as the competition is wrapping up with just one day left at IUPUI Natatorium.

Speaking specifically to her own career, Franklin says that she ‘doesn’t really know where she is right now’, but that the 22-year-old is ‘perfectly ok with that.’ The former Cal swimmer says she’s just ‘really enjoying getting back in the water and getting back to training again.’

In the interview below, courtesy of FINA, Franklin also talks about expectations of world-class athletes, as well as what it means to be a mentor for the junior athletes in the pool this week.


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Years of Plain Suck

I wish Missy success and happiness in her retirement.

Great to see her inspiring young swimmers!

She very well may be closer to retirement than peak form of 2012, in fact she probably is, I have no idea…but let’s not put her out to pasture just yet. Is she going to be in lane 5 next to Kathleen Baker or Regan Smith anytime soon at a big meet, No – but she is 22, not 32 and has earned the right based upon performance & class to work off any timeline she needs as she attempts a comeback.

I love Missy but I’m also trying to be realistic here. Any idea on what sponsorship agreements may have already ended? Or are all still on board for the next little bit? Not trying to be negative but just curious how sponsors balance performance vs. ambassador and the demands of being a pro athlete. She is a great face for USA swimming but when does performance matter?


Autocorrect! Meant to say, “exactly.”

Harry Dresden

It’s the first last and only thing that matters. I guarantee if Lochte had won the 200 IM in Rio he would have had zero sponsors drop him. same reason Phelps kept most of his even after his second DUI. People still thought he could be the best and they were right.

Off the national team payroll
Effective September 1? They made her work all the way until the end lol.

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