Missy Franklin: “My favorite color is pink and I’am a swimmer” (Video)

by Daniela Kapser 3

April 15th, 2016 International, News, Video

In December 2015, Missy Franklin spent with her parents DA and Richard Franklin, her coach Todd Schmitz and her teammates from the Colorado Stars a a few days in a training camp in Hawaii. It was a good opportunity to escape the cold winter in Colorado. They were accompanied by a film crew from GoPro – and the result is a worth seeing video: “GoPro: Finding Missy, Part I  Hawaian Escape “.

Missy intrdocues herself to the audience: “I’am Missy Franklin, I’am 20 years old, my favorite color is pink and I’am a swimmer.” Watch beautiful pictures when Missy swims in the Pacific Ocean. But also the tough training of Colorado stars is shown: “We all have very unique ways of opening our emotions, we have very unique ways of being emotional and expressing our emotions and for me that is one of the reasons why swimming has been such an escape for me my whole life. Coning into practice in a horrible mood, having a bad day and getting into the water and taking my frustrations out in practice – I think water has a way of taking those emotions and hoping you express them in a way that’s healthy.” Missy’s parents talked about her first attempts to swim – her relationship to the water has always been relaxed and also a baby she was fearless and loved to be in the water.

So today, after Missy is a four time Olmpic Gold medalist, she stated: “I never would have thought that swimming would have brought me the opportunities that is has.”

Don’t miss a rainbow over the pool in the video at about 6.12 after the Colorado Stars finished an exhausting practice and perhaps  this view summarizes why Missy and all the swimmers go through the daily grind: “Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue. And the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true.” (Lyman Frank Baum, The Wizard of Oz)


Trailer Missy Franklin in “Finding Missy”




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8 years ago

Missy is my idol she is such an inspiration and she has taught me to love swimming and to make it fun!!!!!! Thx missy!

Anna sprott
8 years ago

Missy is a big part of my life.she was my Halloween costume. I train thinking of here.she is so my idol and roll model

8 years ago

Those lyrics were written by E.Y. Harburg, not L. Frank Baum. 🙂