Michael Phelps Swims 42.17 in 100 Free Exhibition at American Short Course Champs

Continuing his exhibition tryout at the 2015 American Short Course Championships in Austin, Texas, Michael Phelps swam a 42.17 in the 100 yard free on Saturday on the University of Texas campus. That swim comes after the 44.91 in the 100 yard fly that he swam on Friday, and the 1:40.84 that he did in the 200 IM on Thursday.

None of these times will formally go onto Phelps’ register, as he’s still under suspension by USA Swimming for a DUI arrest in 2014. They’re still interesting markers for a swimmer who has rarely focused on yards swimming in the most successful swimming career that history has ever seen.

Phelps has been faster one time in his career, which was back in 2008 at the Southern California Grand Prix when he swam a 41.93.

The American Short Course Championships meet being held this week is not a sanctioned National Championship meet; rather it’s a combined high-level club meet and college NCAA qualification meet combined.

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MP is insane…. They better reinstate him, or the U.S will struggle on the men’s relays…

We Love Phelps

i firmly believe that MP will be reinstated for Worlds and he’ll represent team USA in at least 2 individual events. he will also be included in 3 relays just like he’s always been in the past years.
wanna bet… anyone? 😀


We Love Phelps, which events do you think he’ll be allowed to compete in? I’m guessing the 200 IM and the 100 Free, since Tim Phillips isn’t on the team in anything else, but i really want Michael to swim the 100 Fly as well.


I think it depends primarily on how wasted he gets the night before and whether he has access to an SUV to drive into the concrete lane dividers on Russian highways. Also, there may be a problem obtaining a visa for a chronic DUI offender like Mike. So, a lot of variables to weigh out when predicting this athlete’s future performance.


No. I love that he is posting swims of this caliber, and I hope he makes a statement by setting world-leading times at another meet while WC’s is going on, but Phelps and USA Swimming need to honor their agreement/punishment. It’s a matter of principle at this point. It was a poorly thought-out, reactionary punishent, and Phelps probably never should have agreed to it, but to reverse it now would send a very bad message.


I didn’t expect so many people to agree. 🙂

Lane Four

I want to know where he is in his training. The times are meaningless without this information.


I believe the group hes in at NBAC is coming off a training trip in Colorado


Also, does anybody know if he shaved for these time trials? I would guess that he hasn’t, which makes these times all the more impressive.

A clean Phelps is going to be awfully tough to beat long course.

Becky D

The times are *meaningless* unless you know where he is in his training cycle? REALLY?

Let’s see if you can get Bowman on the phone to discuss this, because these times mean NOTHING otherwise.

Justin Thompson

It would be interesting to know how many yards he’s putting in, if he’s swimming 2-3 times a day, and what type of land training he’s doing. If NBAC is coming off a trip from Colorado then historically he usually puts up some fast times after those trips. He’s also been known to shave, but not taper, in February/March after coming off a 3 week training session at altitude. It’s a good way to post some fast mid season times to see where they are at, but I would be surprised if they did that for some SCY exhibition swims. I could see next month doing that, but I’m guessing this is just a sign that MP is in pretty… Read more »

Lane 5

Fast times are NEVER “meaningless” a

We Love Phelps

MP 9.59/20.28/31.39 = 42.17!

Frank Dyer of NBAC wins 100y fr 43.23
is Phelps going to swim the 2y fly??

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