Michael Phelps Facebook Lives from Charter Flight to Atlanta

Michael Phelps frequency of Facebook live videos has increased since being sequestered away with the U.S. Olympic Team for their final month of preparations before next month’s Olympic Games, and he’s gotten a lot of his Olympic teammates involved as well.

Phelps’ latest post on Thursday was from Team USA’s charter jet as they prepared to travel from San Antonio, Texas to Atlanta, Georgia for the second part of their training camp – and their last stop before Rio.

Phelps says that his fiance, Nicole, and son, Boomer, will fly out and meet them in Atlanta, which will be the first time he’s seen them since leaving Arizona.

Other tidbits from this video:

  • Phelps thinks he’s probably rooming with Conor Dwyer at the Olympics.
  • He’ll be able to continue doing Facebook live for the rest of the team camp, including from Rio.
  • He and Tom Shields did a fast 50 and 100 fly set on Wednesday.
  • On the team’s media day in Atlanta, he and a few other swimmers are going to do fast 100 frees “off the blocks.” Possible relay tests?
  • He never thought enough people on the team liked him to be voted captain.
  • David Marsh, as one might expect living in Charlotte, is a good dabber.

Watch the full video below (Mobile users, click here):



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Lane Four

This is good stuff but I really miss “Call Me Maybe”.


Urban dictionary:
long glass piece, pointy end to stick to concetrates, you then touch it to a heated nail or skillet while you suck the bong to get the smoke.

Jim O\'Donnell

“Call me Maybe” was great , unexpected and fun for everyone in swimming and not

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