Michael Andrew Lowers Own 100m Breaststroke NAG Record

Michael Andrew just blasted a brand new National Age Group (NAG) record for 15-16 men’s 100m breaststroke while competing at the 2015 Columbia Summer Sectionals meet in Missouri.

Andrew, now at the upper end of his age group bracket, rocked a 1:01.21 to chip off over four tenths from the old NAG record time of 1:01.67 he clocked in January at the Arena Pro Swim Series in Austin. Race splits show how Andrew took it out quite a bit faster this time around, yet was still able to bring it home in a solid 32-mid.

Previous record –  29.29/32.38 = 1:01.67

New record – 28.89/32.32 = 1:01.21

Exciting to note that this new NAG record transpired in prelims of the race, so the young talent still has his finals appearance to try to shave off even more time.  Also with this win, Andrew is making strides towards his quest to take down the World Junior Record, which is currently held by Russia’s Anton Chupkov at 1:00.65.

In addition to the 100m breaststroke race at this meet, Andrew also logged a new personal best in the men’s 200m freestyle, reaching a time of 1:56.35.  This performance slid  under his previous best of 1:56.71 that he nabbed at last year’s Arena Pro Swim Series in Austin.

Full Meet Results Available in Meet Mobile: 2015 Region VIII Summer Sectionals

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8 years ago

The lad is going to Rio with the stars and stripes plastered all over his tracksuit. If Adam Peaty can make huge time drops in the 100 breast whilst in his teens, I see no reason why Michael Andrew can’t do the same. That is hard luck for Fink/Cordes/et al who might miss out an Olympic spot, but the future is looking bright for Andrew and Whitely.

8 years ago

That is faster than Johnson and Craig swam tonight in the pan am final. Right now he might be the 4 or 5th fastest American in this event.

8 years ago

Congrats Michael Andrew!
I have to admit that i was wrong, i never expected him to be so fast this season.
1.01.21 is INSANE for a guy born in 1999, now i think that he very well might be able to beat Watanabe at the junior world championships, but i dont see him beating Chupkov. It seems to be inevitable that hell break the junior world record one day (he can do it until the end of 2017).
Michael Andrew and Reece Whitley are the perfect talents for team USA, considering how “weak” the US at the moment is in mens breaststroke (compared to their own standards).
It would be insane if he could be worldclass… Read more »

Reply to  thomaslurzfan
8 years ago

Don’t forget fly- he’s great at that too. And watch out for his 50’s at international meets someday. I still think he’ll be a great 200 IMer. He’s the most versatile swimmer I’ve seen since Tracy Caulkins. Go team Indie- Haters eat crow!

Victor P
Reply to  thomaslurzfan
8 years ago

He’ll beat that world junior record by spring of 2016.

Hulk Swim
8 years ago

Maybe he’s not training 200m pace much.

Maybe he’s just not a 200m swimmer (gasp!).

If I were them, I’d be focusing on 100m pace exclusively in all 4 strokes, with the 100s and 200 IM in mind. He ain’t gonna be a 400 freestyler or IMer… ever. He probably doesn’t even want to swim them. At all. So why waste time and energy in training on events you have no goals or desire in.

I’ll say it again. Not every age grouper has to be a Phelps/Lochte/Spitz.

By the way, when Beatta Nelson broke a NAG in the 100 fly I didn’t hear anyone complaining that her 400IM isn’t world class.
Nobody is asking why… Read more »

bobo gigi
Reply to  Hulk Swim
8 years ago

You’re right. IT’S A SCANDAL!

More seriously, I don’t ask him to be the next MP.
I don’t care if he isn’t fast in the 200-meter races.
My only question is: how long he will continue to train for all strokes if doesn’t swim the 200 IM?
How long before he will have to specialize?
For the moment he’s young, has fun and swims best times in every stroke. But at a moment it will not happen anymore if he doesn’t make choices.
Or he’s a genius and will qualify in the 2020 US olympic team in individual in all 100-meter events.
The first guy who swims 47 in the 100 free, 51 in… Read more »

8 years ago

CRANNMAN- most likely, considering his best 100 time is at 55.7.

8 years ago

Not sure if anyone else noticed this but on Meet Mobile but Andrew swam 59.08 in the 100m back and went 25.51 in the first 50, did he just swim to go a best time in the 50 and then go easy after that ?

Reply to  Crannman
8 years ago

Yeah, he blasted it to the 50, looked at the clock, and then coasted in for the finish.

Reply to  sven
8 years ago

1) 25.51 is legit
2) He came home in 33.57 with an open turn, looking at the clock, and coasting back???

8 years ago

Junior world record won’t silence the haters. 59.9. Let’s go!

Victor P
Reply to  Merman
8 years ago

In all seriousness, at this pace he’ll be doing that by this time next year. 17 and sub 60 100 breast stroke. Crazy. He’ll be awesome by Worlds 2019 if not by 2018.

8 years ago

Wow. Compared to his 200 IM (2:03.53) that is slow.

But who cares about 200 free, congrats on the 100 breast. Looks like he might break a minute next year

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