Meet The 2019 World Championships Mascots

by Retta Race 7

May 04th, 2018 Asia, International, News

The 18th FINA World Championships are slated for July 12th to July 28th in Gwangju, Korea where aquatic athletes from around the globe will compete in their respective swimming, water polo, artistic swimming, diving, open water and high diving events. Cheering them on among the spectators will be the newly announced mascots, the cute and agile river otters.

A flagship species of Mt. Mudeungsan that has returned to the Yeongsangang River in Gwangju, organizers embrace the otters’ free swimming spirits, translating it to the competitive swimmers’ passion for challenge. The otters also promote the ‘spirits of peace’ to the citizens of the world, embodying the competition’s ‘Dive Into Peace’ message.

The letters within the word ‘peace’ tie into organizers’ vision and strategy for the championships as follows:

  • People
  • Environment
  • Advance
  • Culture
  • Economy

Last year, Park Tae Hwan, South Korea’s Olympic champion in the 400m freestyle back in 2008, and rising swimming star An Se Hyeon were introduced as honorary ambassadors for the 2019 World Championships.

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Becky D

I picked up a Misha bear, mascot of the Moscow ’80 games, at a Goodwill a couple years ago for $1. I’ll be looking for these otters in the bargain bin in a couple years.


Mishka – meaning little bear, cub.


They look like Pokémon lol


They probably will end up being Pokémon considering how many they’ve made #thereareonly386realpokemon


those dont look like Dean Farris…

Coach John

you’re not looking hard enough

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