May 25 Update: States With No Set Date For Pool Reopenings

As some states have begun allowing pools to reopen amid the coronavirus pandemic (and others never mandated a closure in the first place), we’re also tracking the states that don’t yet have a set date in the near future for the reopening of pools.

You can follow all state guidelines in our state-by-state pool reopening index here.

Some of the following states have pools listed in a specific phase of their reopening, but don’t yet have a tentative date for that phase. Others haven’t yet committed to reopening pools in a specific phase. Here’s the best info we could find on each of the remaining states we haven’t yet reported on:


Maryland has classified outdoor gym and fitness classes in its “Low Risk” category, and indoor gyms and fitness classes in “Medium Risk.” The state moved into Stage 1 of its reopening on May 15, but does not have a set timeline for Stage 2, nor does it have any specific confirmation that gyms or pools will be included in Stage 2.


Michigan remains under a stay-at-home order through June 12. That means gyms will be closed until at least that date.


Minnesota is currently in Phase 1 of its reopening. Phase 2 is set to begin on June 1, but gyms and pools will not reopen in Phase 2. The state currently includes pools in Phase 3 of its plan, which does not yet have a target date.

New Jersey

New Jersey is still under a stay-at-home order issued March 21 that has no specific end date. Most recently, Governor Phil Murphy increased the limit on outdoor gatherings from 10 people to 25. Some outdoor recreational activities have reopened, but there’s been no announcement of when pools will be given the green light. An story May 15 suggested that Murphy would have more information on pools in the near future.

New Mexico

KRQE reported that New Mexico would include swimming pools with other recreational facilities in its reopening plan. There’s no official date set yet, but that story said that City of Albuquerque Health Department inspectors would start to make rounds next week, making sure local pools are prepared to open when the governor allows it.

New York

New York won’t open its “recreation” industry until after Phase 4 of its recovery plan. As of today, only some of New York’s regions had even entered Phase 1 of the plan, and many still remain in the NYS on PAUSE stage.


Oregon included gyms with its Phase 1 of reopening, but its plan specifically required gyms to keep pools “closed to recreational swim activities, swimming lessons, and all other aquatic activities.” Counties can potentially move to Phase 2 after spending at least 21 days in Phase 1. The first counties started Phase 1 on May 15, meaning none will move to Phase 2 until at least early June.

Rhode Island

Rhode Island has currently closed all recreational facilities. The state is working on “emergency regulations” for operating public swimming pools, like those in apartment complexes. But according to the state website, those regulations have not yet been published.


Washington State will allow outdoor pools and gyms to reopen at 50% capacity in Phase 3 of its plan, though it’s not clear if indoor pools will be opened in the same phase. At this point, the issue won’t be pressing for almost a month, as the state is targeting June 22 as its official date to move into Phase 3. Washington will move to Phase 2 on June 1.

Washington, D.C.

The nation’s capital lists pools in Stage 3 of its reopening plan. The district could begin Stage 1 of reopening on May 29, so the opening of pools is still a ways off.

California, Colorado & Illinois

Per our previous reporting, California hasn’t officially allowed pools to reopen. The state remains in Stage 2 of its four-stage reopening. However, some clubs, including the Mission Viejo Nadadores, have returned to training, albeit apparently outside the bounds of the statewide restrictions.

Colorado has released guidelines for some outdoor recreational activities, but not for pools. The local LSC submitted a letter to Governor Jared Polis, asking for expedited reopenings of pools.

The same is true of Illinois, which is on track to move into the next phase of reopening this Friday, but still won’t allow indoor pools to reopen.

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1 year ago

I though Reagan Smith was already training?? Backyard pool then🙄

Reply to  Lokiz
1 year ago

So, I heard through the grapevine that Riptide, which has its own (non-school) pool, had reopened on May 18, but then shut it back down again late last week. I’m told the club thought that when MN’s shelter in place order expired on May 18 it was clear to re-open its pool.

Minnesota swimmer
Reply to  Lokiz
1 year ago

Regan Smith’s team, Riptide, along with Aquajets & Edina were able to practice in private facilities last week. Unfortunately, the governor ordered them to shut down until further notice. They currently are working to request an exception to the blanket pool closures that are part of the executive orders. Hopefully things are up again by June 15th at the latest!

Sharon Dalfen
1 year ago
1 year ago
1 year ago

Maryland swim teams are completely in the dark as to reopening plans despite swimming being classified as a low risk sport. We need the support of our state and county as well as the LSCs and swim teams!

Help us fight for lap swimmers.

Oh my
1 year ago

It is time to let senior and college swimmers train. Now

Reply to  Oh my
1 year ago

It’s time to let ALL swimmers train.

Lori D
Reply to  Kate
1 year ago

These swimmers need to get back in the pool. The governors look at competitive swimming as “recreation.” Some of these kids are hoping for college scholarships and have been working towards that for many years. The longer they’re out of the water, the harder it will be to achieve their goals of swimming at a university level.

Reply to  Alice
1 year ago

Why only outdoor pools? Most pools in Western Wa are indoors?

1 year ago

Reports from various states are seeing a big spike in virus patients due to the loosening up. People need to be smart unless we want to end up like the “Walking Dead” zombies in our Speedos. That would be a sight to see though

Roy Grannell
Reply to  VooDoo3
1 year ago

What states?

Reply to  VooDoo3
1 year ago

What states are seeing a spike?

Irish Ringer
Reply to  RBG
1 year ago

Spot checking on the Bing Covid dashboad I’m not seeing it. I’m sure out of 50 it’s gone up somewhere, but still appears to be trending down in the US as a whole:

Reply to  VooDoo3
1 year ago

I would be interested to see the source of your statistics. Here in Texas the number of deaths attributed to COVID-19 in last few days starting with today and going back 11 days was 8, 13, 26, 40, 21, 50, 22, 11, 31, 33, 56, 58. Number of reported new cases for the same period 623, 839, 1060, 1181, 945, 1411, 1219, 909, 785, 1801, 1347, 1355. What amazes me the press promoted headlines such as “Texas reopening backfires resulting in drastic COVID-19 number rise” after one day spike of 1,801 mainly due to expanded testing in one of the largest meat plants but stay surprisingly quiet when the latest numbers go down. In the central Texas county where my… Read more »

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