May 25 Update: States With No Set Date For Pool Reopenings

As some states have begun allowing pools to reopen amid the coronavirus pandemic (and others never mandated a closure in the first place), we’re also tracking the states that don’t yet have a set date in the near future for the reopening of pools.

You can follow all state guidelines in our state-by-state pool reopening index here.

Some of the following states have pools listed in a specific phase of their reopening, but don’t yet have a tentative date for that phase. Others haven’t yet committed to reopening pools in a specific phase. Here’s the best info we could find on each of the remaining states we haven’t yet reported on:


Maryland has classified outdoor gym and fitness classes in its “Low Risk” category, and indoor gyms and fitness classes in “Medium Risk.” The state moved into Stage 1 of its reopening on May 15, but does not have a set timeline for Stage 2, nor does it have any specific confirmation that gyms or pools will be included in Stage 2.


Michigan remains under a stay-at-home order through June 12. That means gyms will be closed until at least that date.


Minnesota is currently in Phase 1 of its reopening. Phase 2 is set to begin on June 1, but gyms and pools will not reopen in Phase 2. The state currently includes pools in Phase 3 of its plan, which does not yet have a target date.

New Jersey

New Jersey is still under a stay-at-home order issued March 21 that has no specific end date. Most recently, Governor Phil Murphy increased the limit on outdoor gatherings from 10 people to 25. Some outdoor recreational activities have reopened, but there’s been no announcement of when pools will be given the green light. An story May 15 suggested that Murphy would have more information on pools in the near future.

New Mexico

KRQE reported that New Mexico would include swimming pools with other recreational facilities in its reopening plan. There’s no official date set yet, but that story said that City of Albuquerque Health Department inspectors would start to make rounds next week, making sure local pools are prepared to open when the governor allows it.

New York

New York won’t open its “recreation” industry until after Phase 4 of its recovery plan. As of today, only some of New York’s regions had even entered Phase 1 of the plan, and many still remain in the NYS on PAUSE stage.


Oregon included gyms with its Phase 1 of reopening, but its plan specifically required gyms to keep pools “closed to recreational swim activities, swimming lessons, and all other aquatic activities.” Counties can potentially move to Phase 2 after spending at least 21 days in Phase 1. The first counties started Phase 1 on May 15, meaning none will move to Phase 2 until at least early June.

Rhode Island

Rhode Island has currently closed all recreational facilities. The state is working on “emergency regulations” for operating public swimming pools, like those in apartment complexes. But according to the state website, those regulations have not yet been published.


Washington State will allow outdoor pools and gyms to reopen at 50% capacity in Phase 3 of its plan, though it’s not clear if indoor pools will be opened in the same phase. At this point, the issue won’t be pressing for almost a month, as the state is targeting June 22 as its official date to move into Phase 3. Washington will move to Phase 2 on June 1.

Washington, D.C.

The nation’s capital lists pools in Stage 3 of its reopening plan. The district could begin Stage 1 of reopening on May 29, so the opening of pools is still a ways off.

California, Colorado & Illinois

Per our previous reporting, California hasn’t officially allowed pools to reopen. The state remains in Stage 2 of its four-stage reopening. However, some clubs, including the Mission Viejo Nadadores, have returned to training, albeit apparently outside the bounds of the statewide restrictions.

Colorado has released guidelines for some outdoor recreational activities, but not for pools. The local LSC submitted a letter to Governor Jared Polis, asking for expedited reopenings of pools.

The same is true of Illinois, which is on track to move into the next phase of reopening this Friday, but still won’t allow indoor pools to reopen.

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3 years ago

Being a college swimmer livihg in Michigan right now is a scary thing, this is the longest I’ve been out of the pool in years and I’m worried about the huge amount of time if ever it will take me to get back in shape

Reply to  Bailey
3 years ago

Don’t let this get you down. You will get back to where you were and surpass it in no time. It’s been done countless times before. Stay positive and when you are able to return to the pool, elevate your focus and be as intentional as possible with everything that you can control. You got this!

3 years ago

Do any of these states surprise you that they won’t open their pools?

Corn Pop
Reply to  Guerra
3 years ago

It is going to be a long hot summer if Russia does not let these D states open their pools .

3 years ago

What about Michigan? Is there a petition to reopen their pools?

3 years ago

The greater Seattle area will not move to phase 2 on June 1st. Each county is required to have 2 weeks where cases don’t exceed 10 per 100k residents and the biggest 3 counties are triple that at the moment. Who knows when it’ll happen.

Reply to  Swammer
3 years ago

I like states that use statistics rather than calendar dates to open things up.

Reply to  wonderwinsgold
3 years ago

There are three kinds of lies: lies, da*n lies, and statistics.

Irish Ringer
Reply to  wonderwinsgold
3 years ago

State of Washington down to 4-8 fatalities per day this last week so looking good.

Reply to  Swammer
3 years ago

That’s not necessarily true. According to the quote below there are different metrics for moving phases early than for just progressing to the next phase.

The criterion recently used to allow additional counties to apply for a variance … will not necessarily be the criterion used to lift the Stay Home, Stay Healthy order,” Washington State Health Officer Dr. Kathy Lofy

Of course that’s the biggest problem, mixed and muddled communication.

Jolynn Swimmer
3 years ago

Central and Eastern Washington – much much lower COVID19 cases, but the governor keeps all of us along with Seattle side. This is getting so ridiculous. Pot shops and liquor stores are categorized ‘essential’ in this state, but not outdoor pools. At least we can open city pools like MVN opened with some guidelines.

3 years ago

Michigan’s governor and her administration misrepresented positive tests by combining COVID positives and those with antibodies and reported a jump in positives last week from about 7% to 14%. Moving to next stage is based on 2 weeks being below 10%. So she extended the stay-at-home order to June 12th. Well this was incorrect and should have been 5.3% that day and would not have triggered to extension. Sooo frustraing here. I can tell you that in general people are done with it. They wear masks and distance from each other…..but they are not staying at home. Because of these poor decisions and reporting it has forced outdoor pools to close for the summer because it is too late to… Read more »

Corn Pop
3 years ago

Thank you Jared. This is an excellent guide . Fascinating .for someone with an interest in US states .

Thomas Huggins
3 years ago

I coach in Southern Illinois. We are being told that the SIU Rec center will not open until we are in phase 4. Then we still don’t know if we will be allowed in or not. Most communities in the So Il are not opening their summer pools this year. Our only access to water is open water.

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Jared Anderson

Jared Anderson swam for nearly twenty years. Then, Jared Anderson stopped swimming and started writing about swimming. He's not sick of swimming yet. Swimming might be sick of him, though. Jared was a YMCA and high school swimmer in northern Minnesota, and spent his college years swimming breaststroke and occasionally pretending …

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