Manaudou’s Ultimate Dream Is To Win Both 50 & 100 Sprint Golds

The 2015 Counseil International du Sport Militaire (CISM)/International Military Sports Council Games are set to begin their 10-day run on October 2nd in Mungyeong, Korea and at least one famous face will be on deck for the swimming portion.

Olympic gold medalist and 2015 World Champion, Florent Manaudou (FRA), confirmed his attendance at this year’s Military Games.  The Games’ mission, per its site, is “to contribute to world peace by uniting armed forces through sports.” The sporting event invites active-duty military personnel to participate, of which Manaudou is included since joining the French army in 2009.  Manaudou currently serves in an artillery unit.

2015 Military Games Site

With the 2016 Rio Olympic Games now just under a year away, elite athletes are capitalizing on any opportunity to race internationally, as it provides a means for rehearsal before an Olympic gold medal is at stake.  Manaudou is reportedly competing at the FINA World Cup in Singapore on October 3rd and 4th, then will move on to Korea in time for the swimming competition of the MIlitary Games, which begins on October 7th.

Look for Manaudou to take advantage of more opportunities to race the 100m freestyle in addition to his signature 50m distance, as he recently told “Le Parisien” that he will be targeting both events at French Olympic Trials.  In his words, the Frenchman’s “ultimate dream” is to win both the 50m and 100m freestyle events at an Olympics.  Quite a tall order, but one that isn’t impossible, given that the Russian rocket, Alexander Popov achieved the feat both in 1992 and 1996.

With the recently released super quick selection standards released for France’s Rio roster, Manaudou will be looking for a chance to get closer to the 48.13 minimum men’s mark.  His fastest thus far of 2015 was the 48.77 he threw down in Vichy, but the sprint star has a personal best of 47.98 from Berlin just last year.

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Victor P
8 years ago

He’ll probably go 21.10 by Rio next year. He should be able to put together a good 100. It’s been done many times before historically so I don’t know why people are behaving like it’s a rare feat. If he trains for the 100, he won’t lose his speed in the 50, just build endurance for the 100. No reason why he can’t pop a 47 low. Popov was 21.9/48.2 swimmer, Biondi was 21.8/48.4, v.d. Hoogenband was 22.0/47.8 (definite endurance in the 100), Phelps was 47.5 and probably 21.7 at best. The list goes on.

Should be able to go out 22.5 and come back in 24 high, if not better.

8 years ago

The 50 is definitely Flo’s to lose. Winning the 100 is another story however, with the McEvoy/Adrian/Magnussen/Zetao/Morozov group. I bet it’ll take 47.2 to win. But perhaps Flo could place increased focus on the 100 and still win the 50, as he’s so far ahead of everyone right now.

8 years ago

Phelps will win the 100 free in Rio.

8 years ago

Glad he’s contributing to world peace with his artillery unit.

Gina Rhinestone
Reply to  swimdoc
8 years ago

It is the French Army .

8 years ago

For all he people saying he can’t do it, he is the European champion in both distances, and he has alot ofbrome time improve as his 100 was a bunch surges, he he can hold to a good pace he will have so much potential, and that will help his 50 not hammer it, remember Fredrick bosquet had good times in both so even though he had a tech suit I see no reason manadou can’t go 47.7

Reply to  Ok
8 years ago

We aren’t talking about worlds here. It will take faster than a 47.7 to win the 100 at Rio

8 years ago

Dude is stacked only people I’ve seen bigger than him currently are Van der burgh peaty and maybe Schneider he’s very Alain Bernard esque

Reply to  Uberfan
8 years ago

Schneider would snap him like a twig. Beat him in a 50 free, that’s a different story.

Philip Johnson
8 years ago

He should focus on the 50 so he gets that WR.

Reply to  Philip Johnson
8 years ago

If the news about his back pains are real, he will probably have his last (or one of his last) chances for WR…. but he may try not to go after the WR to try to able to swim longer without having the need for medical interventions..

bobo gigi
8 years ago

All these photos of Manaudou on swimswam…. 😆
If you hit on his pectoral muscles, then you have a good chance to break your hand.
Only Hosszu can compete with him in terms of musculature. 🙂

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