Maddison Elliott Added to Indianapolis Classification Schedule

The classification schedule for the 2017 Para Swimming World Series stop in Indianapolis next week has been updated to include the name of Paralympic gold medalist Maddison Elliott. She was originally omitted from the list – which made her the only Australian swimmer requiring a classification review who wasn’t being tested in Indianapolis.

In the latest version of the list, posted on June 2nd (after an inquiry by SwimSwam as to what meet Elliott planned to be classified at prior to the World Championships), she is one of 7 Australians who will undergo classification.

The 7:

Fellow World Record holder Tiffany Thomas-Kane and Lakeisha Patterson are also due to be classified in Indianapolis.

The 6 Australians undergoing classification on Classification Schedule Part 1 will all be reviewed by the same B Panel, including Elliott, who will be their first participant at 9AM U.S. East Coast time on Tuesday, June 6th.

Elliott is a 9-time Paralympic medalists, including 4 golds. 3 of those 4 golds came in Rio, where she won the 50 and 100 freestyles in the S8 category and was a member of Australia’s winning 34-point 400 free relay.

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2020 medals on the line


The above is incorrect. I thought ALL Aussie’s are being classified by the same panel. This is what it states according to the schedule. Am I wrong? If so, can someone please shed light on this. Also, why would an athlete’s name be kept off the schedule, yet the schedule shows a blank spot right up until now?


If u don’t have all your paperwork in order they won’t give you an appt time. They did the same thing to my swimmer. It’s the stupid modified ashworth test it’s worthless cause I’m sure the Aussies just have someone on staff scoring them 3 and 4s instead of 0 and 1s. The IPC lets the swimmer turn in their own test instead of having an independent medical professional do it as part of the evaluation. The Aussies all have the same panel. That’s how I see it. The classification testing gets way off schedule almost immediately so if you had swimmers being tested by two different panels the coaches may need to be two places at once.


Name kept off schedule to try and keep the cheating young actor out of public eye till very last minute for fear of her getting to much publicity.
The Aussie will do anything to try and protect their swimmers with some of the parents asking if they can take people to court for slandering their children!!!
I for one have no problem being taken to court for that would allow the shi€ to hit the fan and they would be found wanting to provide evidence of any credibility medical wise.


Whilst a lot of attention is on Maddison Elliott and quite rightly so, she is not the only Aussie prepared to cheat in Indianapolis. Paige Leonhardt and Lakeisha Patterson : Where are Swimming Australia getting medical documentation to support your claims of Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy when it is abundantly clear that neither of you have CP? Given that Lakeisha Patterson has now been cured of Parkinson’s Disease well, that is some neurologist Swimming Australia has working the system for them. Paige Leonhardt was reviewed in Rio 2016 via Medical Review Request 18 months after her International classification with CP and here she is being classified again 8 months later. That is some CP she’s got going on and the IPC… Read more »


You see to know quite a lot about the Aussies and the process and you’ve made comments about watching from pool deck before so it makes me think that you’re someone who missed out on team selection and is now complaining. Quite disappointing.


It is the act of cheating and the covering up of cheating that is disappointing, not the discussing of it. I don’t believe that I have ever said it is only the Aussies who cheat, far from it, and I have also stated on many occasions that the system is clearly not fit for purpose and advantage is being taken at every opportunity. A little bit of research / reading on your part would go a long way to improve your own understanding as there is a plethora of research out there should you show a genuine interest. I am certainly not obliged to take things at face value just because it is sport for the disabled. Unfortunately for you… Read more »


Perhaps you can provide some links as I haven’t done enough research. I will look into this all before commenting again. Sorry, I just thought you might know the swimmers as you seem to know a lot about all of this. Why would people cheat then!? What do you think the outcome of the classification will be? Are they actually cheating or is it that some are more able in the water and some have bad fatigue days? Provide me with info as I’ll happily read it.


Fatigue isn’t classifiable.
As I said, take time to do some research, there are many subscriptions and open sources available to help improve your knowledge.


Send me your e mail and I will
[email protected]


I have looked at lots of links but to me it just looks like some have good days others have bad days ie fatigue. Do you swim Shonda? If so, surely you would know the ins and outs of swimming. I work with adults mainly over 30 who have severe CP so I do know a bit about it and what I will tell you is, every day is different, actually there can be a huge difference from morning or afternoon, how did they sleep the night before, are they sore, do they any other medical conditions etc? Many with CP have additional medical problems, no fault of their own. No matter how much you think you know about something,… Read more »


Elly so what your saying is CP can be worse during the day or night, that being the case why is that different to what the medical trained people say!!!! Also that would make their condition not stable and therefor not classifiable, lets be honest now and say it as it is those with CP who are genuine never change the way they walk or body posture the likes of the cheating Aussie pair can be seen multiple times on video during the same day walking with and without limps and clenched hands. Jumping on a beach (family photo) in such a way that a CP suffer i am friends with said ” wish i could jump like that” Now… Read more »


Mark I think what she is trying to say is that no CP doesnt get worse during the day or night BUT muscle fatigue can. The muscle mass in the affected side is less than the dominant one so over the course of the day, depending on types of activities that are done, the muscles fatigue and hurt.

I agree with you though, independent group of specialists, redo the lot and go from there but I mean all S6-10 and every competing country


Funny how Shonda skirted around answering your comment Elly. Guilty conscience Im guessing


Really Mary? Took it head on I thought.

Tomorrow will be interesting

Ok Shonda/Shonad, can you or someone please explain exactly what is wrong with the current system? I ask Shonad as this person seems to describe it in the most detail but anyone please chime in. There seems to be so much debate over the classification of neuro athletes and even more so if their times change here and there. Why doesn’t anyone jump up and down over Katie Ledecky because she swims huge PB’s?

Tomorrow will be interesting

I live in Hawaii, why don’t we form an actual group, meet up and then go together to the IPC wherever they are at the time eg Indianapolis to make more of an impact???


Mark had already gone to Bonn to meet wih ipc ! But he needs more people to come forward and not hide behind computers


Mary is possibly a former Aussie swimmer who committed IM for her country as she can see no wrong in cheating.

Tomorrow will be interesting

Not sure which country Shonda is from but Shonda does know a lot about the Aussie and Brits. You’d have to be either a swimmer or a coach to really know how it all works. It’s too confusing for people like me who have no involvement, appart from simply watching online from overseas..


Or maybe they are well informed from certain Aussie swimmers who hate being part of a team which allows cheats to prosper???


who you saying is Melinda as if that’s aimed at me i can assure you i am a 51yr old Englishman and don’t hide behind anyone


Shonda – I don’t understand, how can the classifiers be inexperienced? Wouldn’t you need to be experienced to be an international classifier? What sort of training do they undergo? Is there much of a difference with A and B panels? Thanks for your help in assisting with my understanding. It’s very confusing this system for some of us.


No clue about the difference between A and B panels. Write to Dr Peter van De Vliet and ask him to explain why the Aussies are all being classified by the same panel. It isn’t even clear who has responsibility for the classification schedule, in this instance the USA or IPC. There will be different levels of experience with the classifiers and their specialist field will also factor. Not many cite a background in neurology. Their area of speciality is not listed and you need to research each one. Classifiers used to be recorded by the IPC as level I or II and ‘train the trainer’ status. They are now listed with out any indication of seniority / experience. The… Read more »

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