Lochte Perseveres, Pulling Down $2.3 Million

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According to Fortune Magazine, Ryan Lochte pulled downed 2.3 million dollars in endorsement revenue this past year, and, after some peripheral negative news, Lochte appears to be persevering.

Now there’s an alleged photo of Ryan’s penis being offered to sale to the folks at Deadspin. According to Deadspin:

“The provenance of the photo is less than ideal. It was allegedly taken for a now-ex-girlfriend of Lochte’s. After the Olympics, a friend of the ex began passing the photo along to her friends, and it soon made its way to our source.”

Sounds shaky at best, however, even if it is the real deal (and we are not saying it is), then it is clearly a private photo not intended for the public.  Either way, Deadspin would probably make some enemies if they do, in fact, run it.

Lochte’s taken some hits in the media, and a few have been callous and mean-spirited — attacks on his character, attacks on his own family’s character. Others have been cooler, a by-the-books assessment of his earnings and expected earnings, though they’ve included attempts at base character judgment as well.

According to a marketing expert Bill Briggs of NBC News interviewed, when Lochte admitted to Today correspondent Ryan Seacrest that he sometimes pees in the pool, “many marketers that had been considering the swimmer likely were relieved they had not signed him to an endorsement deal…”

These experts sound fragile, and humorless, particularly after Lochte’s Funny or Die Video Peeing in the Pools, but the context of the quote is in reference to Lochte not cashing in as much as these experts forecasted.

Lochte has seven major sponsorship agreements and more than two million in earnings. After living in the shadow of Michael Phelps, Lochte has proven to be more than successful, and with four more years to compete, it is very likely that Lochte’s endorsement partnerships will grow.

Lochte is different, fun-loving and colorful. Grills and greens high-tops are not for everyone, but millions more love it. A quick glance at Lochte’s Klout  score confirms it.

True, there was a time a when an athlete had to be 100 percent pure and only speak from a stilted script to gain endorsement revenue and the media distribution corporate partners can offer. It’s appears the tide is turning, and corporations may be recognizing that a personality and some color can be a positive virtue.

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I believe that 2.3 million figure came from an article that based the estimate on predictions he’d make $500,000 off his fitness video
Sorry I don’t think he’s making $500,000. Some thoses contracts have medal bonuses but he walked away with 2 golds, so I don’t think that’s going to compensate for the $500,000 this article predicted he’d make for his video.

Last year I think an ESPN article said he made in the high 6-figures, so this is probably the first year he made 7 figures and that’s impressive. I just don’t think he made 2.3 million though.

“Lochte is different, fun-loving and colorful. ”
As opposed to other swimmers, who are fun-hating and bland, I guess?

Until proven otherwise, I’ll consider this article to be written by Lochte PR team.

I know I shouldn’t even reply to you based on your past posts, but only the most in denial would maintain that Lochte is just like all of the other professional swimmers or – what I think you’re really getting at – that Phelps is just as carefree, colorful and approachable as Lochte is. They aren’t – many of them admit it – and Phelps isn’t. And now Mike’s retired, so you can quit getting so bent out of shape every time Lochte is lauded without Michael’s name being attached along with it.

I coach 14-17 yr old girls. And most, if not all of them “love” Lochte. Now to me the peeing in the pool thing is really no big issue. Whether it’s right or wrong, people do it. Lochte probably shouldn’t say with such candor that he does it, but he’s honest. My issue is that now there’s a picture going around (per this article) of his penis. With his demographic of fans/followerings being underage teenage girls, that is really the kind of press that media should be admonishing him for. Mom saying he only does one night stands…things like that are terrible for an image this guy who could and should be the future of the sport, at least for… Read more »
“that is really the kind of press that media should be admonishing him for.” I don’t understand. Why? And what business is it of yours or theirs? He’s not selling it himself, and from what’s been written about the attempted sale of the photo is that it’s quite old (so likely before sexting became an issue) and is in the possession of someone he trusted. Plus, I am very sorry to inform you of this but 14-17 year old girls already know what sex is, penises look like, and most of them are more than likely already intimately involved with penises. Shielding their eyes isn’t doing them or you or anyone any favors. Use it as a teaching tool for… Read more »

Phelps sells tickets and attracts TV and internet audience. That means TV stations want to broadcast swimming and maybe earn some money by selling commercial time. That’s why Phelps can command 100 000 euros to swim at a swim meet in Europe or elsewhere outside USA (I don’t know if he’s payed to do Grand Prix meets in USA, I think not). It was amazing to see how people in Rome, Paris or Berlin were excited to see him swim. That’s making money AND promoting swimming all over the world. Now let’s see Lochte do that, instead of making a fool of himself in Bachelor or something equally stupid.