Loaded Entry List for Salnikov Cup to Compete for Attention on Duel in the Pool Weekend

While most American, and many European, swim fans will be watching the Duel in the Pool this weekend, further east in Russia, the 2013 Salnikov Cup will have equally as formidable of a lineup.

Included among the names are Katinka Hosszu, Daniel Gyurta, Christian Sprenger, Cameron van der Burgh, and Konrad Czerniak, the latter of whom was originally slated to compete in the Duel instead.

The list posted so far on the Salnikov website includes swimmers from every corner of the world. Among the headlines are:
(Full list here).

Alec Page
Hillary Caldwell
Ryan Cochrane

Christian Sprenger

Jenny Mensing
Teresa Michalak

Katinka Hosszu
Daniel Gyurta
Laszlo Cseh

South Africa
Giulio Zorzi
Cameron van der Burgh

Sarah Sjostrom
Simon Sjodin
Mattias Carlsson
Jessica Ericson

United States
Kim Vanderberg

Sebastiaan Verschuren
Wendy van der Zanden
Inge Dekker
Esmee Vermeulen

Mads Glaesner

This is in addition to the bulk of the Russian elites who are expected to attend, as this is one of the biggest meets on their national schedule (both per prestige and prize money).

Among the best races at the meet should be the men’s breaststrokes. Between Van der Burgh, Gyurta, Sprenger, and Zorzi, 6 of the 9 breaststroke medals from this summer’s World Championships will be present at this meet. That includes all three gold medalists, the silver medalists from the 50 and the 100, and all three 50 breaststroke medalists.

The meet, which will run Friday, December 20th and Saturday, December 21st in St. Petersburg, named after the federation’s current president and four-time Olympic Champion.

The prize money is below, which this year will be paid out on a prepaid bank card, and sums listed as payouts are after applicable Russian taxes are paid:

The International Vladimir Salnikov Cup has its own Prize Money Fund.
The best swimmers of the competition are decided on the basis of FINA Points Table.
The winners are awarded trophies and prize money as follows:

Best swimmer – women – RUB 110,000 ($3,343)
Best swimmer – men – RUB 110,000 ($3,343)

Three best swimmers in each distance (except for 1,500m freestyle) will be awarded:

Winner – RUB 24,000 ($729)
Second – RUB 18,000  ($547)
Third – RUB 12,000 ($364)

Three best swimmers in the men’s 1,500m freestyle will be awarded:

Winner – RUB 55,000 ($1,671)
Second – RUB 25,000 ($760)
Third – RUB 20,000 ($608)

Any swimmer who sets a European Record will be awarded RUB 95,000 ($2,887)
Any swimmer who sets a World Record will be awarded RUB 300,000 ($9,118)

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7 years ago

Better coordination is required in the future. We need all these kinds of competitions but not at the same time.

Inferring from those sums on offer at the Salnikov Cup, I don’t believe anymore that the money plays a part in why some swimmers have chosen to swim at St. Petersburg instead of the Duel. Similar amounts of money, as a whole, is offered at the both meets. To be sure, the prospects for a single swimmer may vary but in in both directions. For example, Daniel Guyrta faces tougher competition in St. Petersburg than at the Duel.

A little bit off-topic but I’m a bit curious about an amount of prize money Hosszu has collected throughout the calendar year.… Read more »

Andrei Vorontsov
7 years ago

Do not forget appearance money in St-Petersburg. Respect swimmers more! Organisers must not be greedy. 1500-2000 euros will be nice

Reply to  Andrei Vorontsov
7 years ago

Okay, I didn’t know there is the appearance payment.

7 years ago

We know that Hosszu always swim where the real money is.

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