Leon Marchand Rips 46.63 100 Yard IM for #2 Performance All-Time (Full Race Video)


After an electric long course season becoming a two-time world champion and throwing down the second fastest 400 meter IM in history, Léon Marchand wasted no time getting after it in his NCAA sophomore season debut at ASU.

Marchand won the men’s edition of ASU’s SunDevil Challenge pentathlon, which featured a 100 of each stroke and finished with a 100 IM. Marchand cemented his win with a blistering 46.63 100 yard IM, which is unofficially the second fastest time in history.

Watch the full race below:

Splits for each 25 yards are not available, but Marchand was 21.41 at the halfway mark, which means he came back in 25.22.

The only man who’s been faster is Shaine Casas, who clocked 46.33 at a Texas A&M meet in December 2020. Casas recently made headlines for dominating the Texas men’s quadrathlon and scoring the highest point total in school history.

Perhaps the most impressive part of Marchand’s time is that it came at the end of the meet, after he had already swum four events. ASU associate head coach Herbie Behm said on Twitter that the meet only took an hour and 15 minutes, so Marchand fired this swim off on little rest.

Fastest Verifiable Men’s 100 Yard IM Times:*

  1. Shaine Casas, 46.33 (2020)
  2. Leon Marchand, 46.63 (2022)
  3. Matt Grevers, 47.06 (2016)
  4. Chris Staka, 47.23 (2020)
  5. Michael Andrew, 47.34 (2018)
  6. Michael Phelps, 47.47 (2016)

*verifying times for an unofficial event is difficult, so if you know of a swim we missed, please let us know in the comments.

Nine years ago, Ryan Murphy broke 47 seconds in an old supersuit, going 46.90 during a Bolles School practice.

Past the 11-12 age group level, the 100 IM is not a common race in the U.S., and is not an NCAA Championship event. The highest profile championship meet that usually offers the 100 yard IM is the NCSA Junior National Championships, though it is raced at SCM World Championships.

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2 months ago

How tf is this guy born in 2002

2 months ago

Anthony Grimm was 47 low in 2019 at NCSAs but was dq’d

Ga swimmer
Reply to  SwimFan
2 months ago

Okay and?

Reply to  Ga swimmer
2 months ago

It’s worth mentioning that a 16-year old swam a time that was right up there with the best in history, except that he went a little too far on one of his underwaters.

2 months ago

Is the 100 IM the best event in swimming?

Dressel GOAT
2 months ago

Dressel will destroy everyone in the 100 IM. He can swim 44 low in yards easily.

100 fly: SCM 47.7 >>>> 42.8 in yards.
100 free: SCM 45.0 >>>> 39.9 in yards.

100 IM: SCM 49.2 >>>> 44.2 or 44.3 in yards.

Reply to  Dressel GOAT
2 months ago

There is NO DOUBT Dressel is the GOAT in terms of rested Short Course PBs of the 100s. I wonder how he could do, even if in the same fully prepped condition where he performed any of his PBs, with all 5 in 75 minutes like Marchand, rather than across the days/weeks/months/years in which Dressel accumulated his scintilatting times.. It woulld be fun to watch! I don’t know anything about whether anyone/everyone was suited at the ASU meet, but I can guarantee they were in mid training cycle.

Reply to  Dressel GOAT
2 months ago

Would require him to swim

There's no doubt that he's tightening up
Reply to  Dressel GOAT
2 months ago

If anything, the improvement SCM to SCY would be more for the IM, because he is actually insane at surface swimming free/fly, less so for back/breast.

2 months ago

If you can medal at an ASU IM event, you can probably medal at the Olympics

Reply to  NB1
2 months ago

Funny how you put this: six different males in the world won IM medals in the last Olympics, and two of them were in this ASU IM meet; one was 5th in both the overall pentathalon and the 100 IM and another was 13th in both the overall pentathalon and the 100 IM. Might be fun to run the event again next semester when, according to current plans, Kos will be added to the field. Pretty cool!

2 months ago

According to the scoreboard in the video, House is 6th now with 47.42.

Reply to  Samboys
2 months ago

And that was after :45.71 Fly, :47.40 Back, :52.80 Breast and :42.19 Free in the previous hour.

2 months ago

Is there anyone who can possibly keep up with his 2nd 100 other than Seto in the IMs? The lead he put up on House on the breast and free underwater leg was disgusting

Reply to  Pillow
2 months ago

litherland is the only guy who can close like that, but doesn’t have the frontend

Jay Ryan
2 months ago

There a bunch of fast swimmers in the Desert these days

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