Le Clos, Hosszu Emerge On Top as Final Day Of Cluster 2 Series Begins

After Day one of the Doha World Cup, it looks as though Chad Le Clos and Katinka Hosszu are going to be walking away with the big prizes. Doha, being the last stop on the Cluster 2 series, will give the swimmers one more chance tomorrow to fight for a spot in the top six.

With two victories and two third places finishes, Le Clos expanded his total for the Cluster 2 series to 171 points; he’s now over 50 points ahead of current second place Vlad Morozov.

There’s $153,000 USD to be split amongst the top six men and the top six women. Currently on the men’s and women’s sides, the top six are beginning to show. On the men’s side there’s an 18-point gap between current sixth place Roland Schoeman and seventh place Myles Brown. The women have created a 20-point gap with Ruta Meilutyte in sixth with 80 points, Melanie Costa-Schmid in seventh with 60.

Without a doubt Le Clos has clinched the $50,000 for finishing with the most points in the series. It would take at least four golds and a bronze medal performance for competitors Vlad Morozov and Bobby Hurley to reach him.

The battle is on for the second place prize of $35,000. Hurley and Morozov are within three points from each other. Both will face off tomorrow in the 50m backstroke where they’re in the same prelim heat, swimming side-by-side in lanes four and five. Hurley is entered in the 200m free and 200m back as well, whereas Morozov only has the 100m breast following the 50m back.

Much like with Le Clos, Hozzu appears to have created a comfortable barrier between herself and current second place Daryns Zevina. Zevina and Hossu are separated by a comfortable 132 points.

With a gold and bronze today, Alia Atkinson was able to tie Zevina for second place with 96 points. Tomorrow, Atkinson will be swimming two events while Zevina swims just one.

After tomorrow’s results, the total points from Moscow, Dubai, and Doha will be added up to choose the Cluster 2 winners.

The prizes will be as follows along with $1500 for every gold, $1000 for every silver, and $500 for every bronze:

  • 1st – $50,000
  • 2nd – $35,000
  • 3rd – $30,000
  • 4th – $20,000
  • 5th – $10,000
  • 6th – $8,000



MoscowTotal DubaiTotal Doha Day 1Total Doha Day 2Total Cluster 2 Total
Chad Le Clos 69 69 33 171
Vlad Morozov 54 48 18 120
Bobby Hurley 51 45 21 117
Kenneth To 51 39 18 108
Tom Shields 18 54 12 84
Roland Schoeman 33 24 24 81
Myles Brown 30 24 9 63
Michael Jamieson 18 21 12 51
Pawel Korzeniowski 24 15 9 48



Moscow Total Dubai Total Doha Day 1 Total Doha Day 2 Total Cluster 2 Total
Katinka Hosszu 102 90 36 228
Daryns Zevina 42 42 12 96
Alia Atkinson 21 57 18 96
Mireia Belmonte 33 39 12 86
Yulia Efimova 39 33 9 81
Ruta Meilutyte 80 0 0 80
Melanie Costa-Schmid 18 27 15 60
Sarah Sjostrom 60 0 0   60


Click Here for day live results: http://omegatiming.com/Competition?id=00010D0209FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF&day=2

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7 years ago

Hosszu has 132 point lead, not 32.

7 years ago

Franklin and Ledecky have been pretty much the only people mentioned in the discussion for Female Swimmer of the Year. Hosszou, while great winning 2 golds and a bronze, has barely been acknowledged to be in the running, despite being less than one gold medal’s worth behind the other two Hypothetically, how good would Hosszou have to be in the remaining world cup events to overcome that difference, seeing as Ledecky and Franklin aren’t doing WC races? So far Hosszou has been pretty much as good as could be possibly expected. She has won 15 events through Dubai and has nearly 3 times the points of her closest competitor. Would she be in the running for Swimmer of the Year… Read more »

Reply to  mcgillrocks
7 years ago

Katinka Hosszu has truly blazed new territory this year, in a way that doesn’t necessarily show up in terms of gold medals or world records. Even two years ago, if I saw an elite swimmer enter in as many events as she does, I would assume they were doing a training exercise, and would be totally gassed by the end of the meet (think Ryan Lochte entering in 2-3 events per day at meets leading up to London, and often finishing outside of the top heat in them). But Katinka is entering insane schedules, and winning (or coming close) in grueling event after event after event. She really does bring new meaning to Iron Woman – it will be interesting… Read more »

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Mitch worked for 5-years with SwimSwam news as a web producer focusing on both Canadian and international content. He coached for Toronto Swim Club for four seasons as a senior coach focusing on the development of young swimmers. Mitch is an NCCP level 2 certified coach in Canada and an ASCA Level …

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