LA Invite Day 3 Finals: The Australian Invasion Continues

2014 LA Invite

  • Thursday, July 17th-Sunday, July 20th
  • Thursday 4PM, Friday-Sunday Prelims 8:30AM/Finals 5PM (Pacific Time)
  • Uytengsyu Aquatics Facility, University of Southern California
  • Psych Sheets
  • Live Results

Day Three

Men’s 1500 Free Final

Jordan Wilimovsky. Photo: Anne Lepesant

Jordan Wilimovsky. Photo: Anne Lepesant

As alone as he was in the prelim swim on Thursday evening, Team Santa Monica’s Jordan Wilimovsky couldn’t completely shake off Jack McLoughlin during the final. The two traded stroke for stroke through about the 500. Wilimovsky pulled ahead by not-quite-a-body-length and stayed there through about the 1100. He extended his lead to about two seconds for the remainder of the race.

Wilimovsky split his thirds 5:07-5:04-5:04, and finished just off his prelims time with 15:15.86. McLoughlin went 5:07-5:05-5:04, finished with a 59-high, and came up with a second-place 15:17.80.

Sandpipers’ Logan Houck dropped another 15 seconds and finished third with 15:27.26.

Women’s 200 IM Final

It was a close race over the fly leg, but the middle lanes –Maya DiRado and Caitlin Leverenz– broke away during the backstroke and the pool fanned out.

DiRado had the lead on the back-to-breast turn, which is imperative given Leverenz’s strong breast. DiRado hung with Leverenz enough to keep herself within striking distance. While Leverenz turned first into the free, DiRado put her legs into it and brought it home in a winning 2:12.30. Leverenz was second with 2:12.67.

Australia’s Mikkayla Sheridan took third with 2:15.79 over Celina Li‘s 2:16.08.

Men’s 200 Free Final

The all-international final of the men’s 200 free couldn’t have been much more exciting. Australia’s Kurt Herzog led for 3/4 of the race, making the turn at the 150 in 1:19.92. Nearly a second behind him, out in lane 7, was Trojan Swim Club’s Alexander Sukhorukov. As he started to creep up on Herzog, his coaches and teammates raised the noise level.

Meanwhile on the other side of the pool, another Trojan was making his move. Cristian Quintero got his legs into it and looked like he might get there first.

As the deck got louder and louder, three men touched almost together. When the dust -or waves- settled, it was Sukhorukov with 1:48.15, Herzog with 1:48.21, and Quintero with 1:48.44.

Women’s 200 Breast Final

The excitement continued into the women’s 200 breast final. Jessica Hansen of Australia, top-seeded Andrea Kropp of Canyons, and Stanford’s Katie Olsen were locked into a tight race that looked like it could go any which way.

Kropp was out first in 1:11-mid, a half-second in front of Hansen, and 9/10 ahead of Olsen. At the 150 Kropp still led by a half a second, but now Olsen had moved in front of Hansen. The last 50 was all Hansen, though. She outsplit Olsen by 1.2 and Kropp by 1.8.

Final times: Hansen 2:28.71, Kropp 2:29.46, Olsen 2:29.64.

Men’s 200 Breast Final

The much-anticipated return of meet record-holder Kosuke Kitajima was the story line of the men’s 200 breast. But the final belonged to Anton McKee. He swam in front wire-to-wire and finished with a new meet record of 2:10.72.

Australian teammates Nicholas Schafer and Buster Sykes finished second and third with 2:11.25 and 2:12.88, respectively. Kitajima was fourth in 2:15.68.

Women’s 50 Free Final

One lap of freestyle, really fast. The big names were in the “A” final of the 50 and it was a tight race. But Australia’s Yolane Kukla clearly led the pack and she touched first in 25.36. Her teammate Holly Barratt got to the wall next, in 25.50. Third place went to Canyons’ Abbey Weitzeil with 25.57.

Men’s 50 Free Final

With Nathan Adrian’s scratch Utah’s Nick Soedel took stepped up to the block in lane 4. To his right, Matt Grevers; his left, Seth Stubblefield. They went off and Grevers swam… fly. The seven others were pretty even but Stubblefield and Joey Hale pulled away. They finished 1-2: Stubblefield with 23.09, Hale with 23.11. Soedel took third with a 23.24.

Women’s 400 Free Final

It was an excellent final in the women’s 400 free, with the top five all coming in between 4:10 and 4:12. And were it not for Trojan Swim Club’s Haley Anderson it would have been an Aussie sweep of the podium.

Top qualifier out of prelims, Chelsea Chenault went out in a 1:00-mid, at least .5 ahead of everyone else. Anderson pulled even with her at the 200, the three Australians at their heels.

The 400 is often worn or lost in the third 100 and this was the case tonight. Kylie Palmer and Leah Neale of Australia caught Anderson at the 300. Australian Katie Goldman started to move up on Chenault.

At the end it was Palmer (4:10.03), Neale (4:10.81), Anderson (4:11.96), Goldman (4:12.55), Chenault (4:12.59).

Men’s 400 IM Final

The 400 IM pitted top seed Corey Okubo of AquaZot against Cal teammates Josh Prenot and Adam Hinshaw. Hinshaw was out in the fly with 58.8. Hayden Duplechain of Fullerton was right behind with 59.2, while Okubo trailed with 59.7. Prenot was sitting fourth with 1:00.

Josh Prenot. Photo: Anne Lepesant

Josh Prenot. Photo: Anne Lepesant

Okubo took over the lead with the backstroke and had built up a two-body length lead going into the breast. Prenot closed the lead down to a second, and then closed it down with a strong freestyle leg.

Prenot took gold with 4:18.97; Okubo, silver 4:20.01; Hinshaw, bronze 4:24.94.

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What did Cordes go in the 200 breast? Results say he was DQ’d. Thanks!

bobo gigi

Cordes disqualified in the 200 breast prelims! 🙄

Great women’s 200 IM final in perspective with Pelton, Li, Eastin, Leverenz and DiRado. If you add Beisel, Margalis and Hoff, you have perhaps the A-Final of the next US nationals.

Can Kitajima win the 200 breast?


Pelton scratched 200 IM….is she finally giving up on the IM (due to lack of breastroke)?

bobo gigi

If she gives up the 200 IM…. 😥 😥 😥 😥

Lack of breaststroke? Yes but she can improve it.
But perhaps she hates training on breaststroke.
It would be sad.


Bobo, you or someone else needs to sit down with Cordes and give him the “act like you’ve been there before” speech. How many times has been DQ’d or been part of an exchange that got a relay DQ’d in the last two years?! And if you’re throwing around nastiness, someone should take his coaches both past and present behind the wood shed for a good talking to! I’m a complete homer for Illinois swimming, USA swimming and hell all swimming!! I usually try to keep my comments nice and uplifting, but THIS is completely unacceptable at junior level much less, high school, college and world stage!! This guy should be turning into a leader at this point. Instead, I’d… Read more »

bobo gigi

You look a little angry! :mrgreen:

bobo gigi

News of the PVS LC senior championships.
Katie Ledecky swam a new big PB! This time in the 200 breast! 🙂
Off event for her but still funny.
2.52.14 to 2.43.84. She swam only the prelims.
Vissering won the men’s 200 breast in 2.16.28 ahead of Seliskar in 2.18.16.
Jack Conger won the 50 free in 23.01.
Courtney Bartholomew won the 100 back in 1.01.71.
Leah Smith won the 400 free in a new PB of 4.06.93.
And Seliskar won the men’s race in 3.57.53.


anyone know why cordes got dq’d ?

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