Kyle Chalmers Crushes Australian Record in 100 Free with 45.03


Australian sprinter Kyle Chalmers swam a 45.03 in the 100 meter free in a short course meters pool on Friday at the World Cup stop in Doha, Qatar. That ranks him as the 3rd-fastest performer (and performance) in the history of the event, now two spots ahead of his main rival Caeleb Dressel.

All-Time Rankings (Performers), Men’s 100 SCM Freestyle

  1. Amaury Leveaux, France – 44.94 (2009)
  2. Vlad Morozov, Russia – 44.95 (2018)
  3. Kyle Chalmers, Australia – 45.03 (2021)
  4. Florent Manaudou, France – 45.04 (2013)
  5. (TIE)Nathan Adrian (2009)/Caeleb Dressel (2020), USA – 45.08
  6. Evgeny Lagunov, Russia – 45.36 (2009)
  7. Matthew Abood, Australia – 45.46 (2009)
  8. Tomasso D’Orsogna, Australia – 45.52 (2012)
  9. Stefan Nystrand, Sweden – 45.54 (2010)

The swim also breaks Chalmers’ own personal best of 45.54 that was set in 2018 at the Singapore stop of the World Cup series and Matthew Abood’s supersuited Australian Record of 45.46 that was set in 2009.

Comparative Splits:

Kyle Chalmers Kyle Chalmers
Amaury Leveaux
New Australian Record Previous Personal Best
Current World Record
50m 21.64 22.06 21.72
100m 23.39 23.48 23.22
Final Time 45.03 45.54 44.94

Chalmers has always been a strong finisher in the 100 free, but as he matures into his 20s, his front-end speed is continuing to develop and drive most of his time drops – both in long course and short course.

Morozov, who has been much better in the World Cup so far than he was in the ISL Regular Season, was 2nd in 46.31 on Friday. South Korean teenager Hwang Sunwoo was 3rd in 46.46, which crushed the former South Korean Record set by the country’s most accomplished swimmer in history, Park Tae Hwan. That old record was a 46.89 from the 2016 World Short Course Championships.

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1 year ago

Amazing how every time there’s a Kyle Chalmers article the conversation thereafter almost always revolves around Caeleb Dressel and their “rivalry”

1 year ago

Chalmers is a beast!!!!

1 year ago

Hope Kyle can get the world record either in Kazan or ISL finals!

"I was watching Squid Game"
1 year ago

This is the most counterintuitive thing that I have ever seen – how is this dude slower than Dressel in LC but faster in SC?

Reply to  "I was watching Squid Game"
1 year ago

I think KC is coming into his prime now … finally that shoulder might be all good. I reckon the next 12 months will see LC and SC PBs for him that will surprise us all.

Reply to  "I was watching Squid Game"
1 year ago

I think Caeleb focuses his training on LC. Golds in 3 of 4 indiv. events at 2017 WC, 4 of 4 at 2019 WC and 3 of 3 in Tokyo Olympics 2020/21. At short course 2018 WC, he won only 1 indiv. event. ISL has been his opportunity to pay real attention to short course — as shown in the final match in 2020, when he set 3 WRs in the 5 indiv. events he swam.

1 year ago

After that 100 free swim it would have been great to see what Chalmers could do in the 200 but I don’t think he’s doing the event which sucks

Reply to  Tyson
1 year ago

Wth you’re right, he’s entered in 50fly instead…

1 year ago

I believe AUS, like the US, didn’t recognize SC swims after the 2009 WCs as being valid to set national records. Wasn’t Adrian’s 45.08 not recognized as the AR when he set it at the duel in the pool? Maybe the AUS federation had the same policy.

There's no doubt that he's tightening up
1 year ago

I wouldn’t have expected him to go faster than Dressel short course for sure, but he’s only gone and done it.

Tbh Dressel short course 100 frees have been comparatively underwhelming for the ridiculous level he’s set himself. In all his main events (50, 100 free, 100 fly) long and short course, a tie for 5th is his lowest historical ranking. I think it’s also the only one where he’s not at least the textile record holder (in fact there are three people quicker!)

If you count SCY too, “he didn’t go 38 but he broke 40” is definitely less out of this world than 17.6 and 42.8.

Also the fact that Amaruy Leveaux still has that record… Read more »

Remel is built different

His 17.6 is next level. Untouchable for at least 3 decades.

Coach Mike 1952

When CD went that 39.90 in the 100 free, he look relieved. In the interview after the race, he added that he was “tired” after a grueling week of racing. And this is a man who trains with Troy too, so he must have been really tired to say that. The year before he went 40.00, so he was “only” 0.1 faster, & of course his earlier fly & free in that 39.90 meet were otherworldly. Regardless, though, it will be something to watch CD & CC go at it in the ISL tapered final.

Last edited 1 year ago by Coach Mike 1952
NornIron Swim

You’re right. Leveaux wore the TYR. I remember hearing at the time that he, and many others, were wearing 2 of the suits. Must’ve been a tight squeeze 1 on top of the other. (Don’t know if he did for the WR.)
He had a blinder of a meet at those Euros. Him and Fred B both split under 20 in the 4×50 free relay!

1 year ago

Thought Chalmers has been 45.50 before this? Like literally last month.

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