Kick Set: Ricky Berens vs Matt Grevers

It’s not often that you happen to be at a pool when two Olympians from different clubs are pushing one another in a training set. I caught up with Olympians Ricky Berens and Matt Grevers at NCAAs in between sessions, getting after a kick set with Tucson Ford Coach Johno Fergusson. Here’s the set:

3 Times:

3×100 Descend 1-3 (looking for a slight negative split)

3×50 under/over (descend under/strong on over)

Berens, who trains with Eddie Reese and is a volunteer assistant at Texas, is known for his amazing workouts. Grevers, who trains with Rick DeMont and Eric Hansen and is a volunteer assistant at Arizona, is highly competitive but known as more of a… how do I say this nicely? Sally save up? Both boys brought it for the camera in this little kick set…

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8 years ago

is there suppose to be a video?

8 years ago


Reply to  Firemanjoe
8 years ago

I fixed!

8 years ago

Very nice!

Matt Grevers
8 years ago

Man, I didn’t know I was Sally save up. You’d figure after 20 years of training someone would have told me!

Reply to  Garrett McCaffrey
8 years ago

I’m not from the US or the UK. What does that expression mean? Please explain.

Reply to  Anotherswimfan
8 years ago

Sally Save Up – a swimmer who doesn’t try on the any of the hard effort swims except for the last one, and beats everyone who did try on all the other rounds.

Going 1:00 and then :57 doesn’t constitute this in my book though.

Lane Four
Reply to  Anotherswimfan
8 years ago

Same here. I guess I have been out of the loop far too long. What is a Sally Saveup? My guess is someone who tanks most of the set then lets go at the very end?

Reply to  Matt Grevers
8 years ago

For a triple descend set… it makes a lot of sense to go 2 seconds faster per 100 per round. Obviously Ricky saved up a bit but I think Grevers hit it perfectly

8 years ago

Yesssssssssssss! Workout videos. It’s been a while, and I missed them. Thanks, Garret!

8 years ago

I might have interpreted the video wrong but it seemed like Ricky saved up a little more for the last round.

Kirk Nelson
8 years ago

I’ve always heard Sammy Save-up. Maybe it’s political correctness. Not fair to pick on poor Sally anymore 😉

Reply to  Kirk Nelson
8 years ago

I always heard Sammy Save-Up and Steve Saturday. We even have a Sammy Save-Up song – you can sing it to the Flipper Theme song.

C Martin
8 years ago

Great workout video…glad to see they’re starting to come in more and more frequently like Floswimming.

On another note, what song is at the beginning?

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