Indiana HS Diving Coach Accused of Inappropriate Touching, Charged With Battery

Indiana high school diving coach Jordan P. Hatch has been charged with misdemeanor battery after witnesses say he inappropriately touched a diver at a December practice.

FOX59 reports that Hatch was a diving coach at South Montgomery High School in Mongomery County, Indiana. According to that report, witnesses say that on December 4, 2019, Hatch allegedly grabbed a female diver and “pressed her buttocks against his groin and held her there for a short time.” FOX59 also reports that at a November swimming & diving meet, Hatch allegedly made comments about another diver’s breasts that made her “visibly upset.”

Crawfordsville, Indiana’s The Journal Review reports that the two divers were 14- and 16-year-old girls.

Both publications report that Hatch was placed on administrative leave. The Journal Review reports that a school board meeting agenda shows that the board is expected to terminate his employment next week. That report lists Hatch as the assistant high school coach and head junior high coach for the school.

Hatch was arrested, but late released on $1000 bail. He now faces a misdemeanor battery charge filed by the Montgomery County Prosecutor’s Office. Hatch is 62 years old.

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This is pure BS brought on by girls who clearly had nothing better to do than to ruin a mans life. Anyone who know Hatch knows he would never do such a thing!!! This paper owes him a public apologie once the courts find him innocent.
There is information proving the girls have lied under oath.


The article reports that witnesses observed the inappropriate touching – it does not say the victims reported it. Unfortunately, abusers groom both their victims and adults around them. As the county prosecutor has filed charges, the prosecutor believes they have evidence that shows beyond a reasonable doubt the incident occurred as reported.

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