Image Shows Missile Damage To Ukrainian Olympic Pool In Kharkiv

An image posted on social media Monday morning appeared to show roof damage to the Ukrainian Olympic Pool in Kharkiv, with captions indicating it was caused by a missile.

The image was also posted by Ukrainian Olympic medalist Mykhailo Romanchuk on Instagram Stories:

The facility, known as the Kharkiv Aquarena Pool, has been the primary host of the Ukrainian Swimming Championships over the past several years, most recently in March 2021.

The pool was scheduled to host the meet again this year, March 8-12, as a qualifier for the World Championships and European Championships, which of course isn’t happening due to the Russian invasion.

The Kharkiv pool is also scheduled to host the “Cup of Ukraine” meet in May.

Ukrainian National Team coach Aiyna Morozova was trapped for two hours in the rubble under a building that was hit by a missile last week, also in Kharkiv.

On Tuesday, Ukraine’s national artistic swimming (synchronized swimming) team successfully arrived at the Polo Acquatico Frecciarossa in Ostia, Italy, where the team will stay and train after the invasion.

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1 year ago

That’s the pool that built Yana Klochkova into a four-time Olympic gold medalist, and the only woman to win the Olympic IM double twice. 🙁
2000 Sydney 200/400 IM gold, 800 free silver
2004 Athens 200/400 IM gold

Negative Nora (they/them)
1 year ago

No athletes from Russia should be allowed to compete. Not representing Russia, not representing neutrality, not at all. Allowing them to compete would be adding to the assault on world peace.

1 year ago


1 year ago

No more Russian swimmers in any meet outside Russia. Does Minakov have US family? He should either defect or be deported. Same for Ovechkin and NHL Russians. Ukraine suffers, Russia must pay.

Reply to  PowerPlay
1 year ago

A 19 year old kid swimming in the US has next to nothing to do with Russia invading Ukraine. What you’re saying is a lesser version of the US putting domestic Japanese in camps during WWII. Give me a break.

Reply to  PowerPlay
1 year ago

Xenophobia is not the answer. Unless you think that we should retroactively take away Michael Phelps’ eight Olympic gold medals from Beijing for the illegal and offensive war in Iraq? I’m guessing you don’t want to go down that route, so you’re just a bigot. Congrats.

1 year ago

If only Putin was tall enough to have become a swimmer, none of this would be happening…

1 year ago

my heart goes out to them, I still cannot believe this

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