IKKOS Pro App Creates a World-Class Coaching Experience Through Your Smartphone

The IKKOS Pro App creates a world-class coaching experience through your smartphone.

You will improve after only a few sessions, or, in many cases, the very first time!

In IKKOS Pro you will find:

  • a library of professional content where you learn from Olympians and professional athletes
  • learning templates, in which you pick an event, and IKKOS will give you a day-by-day recipe for success
  • daily messaging, where you will learn how to great, secret trategies of the best, and other information every athlete wishes they knew

IKKOS Pro is consistently updated with:

  • new content
  • new secret information
  • new features

I’m an Olympic coach known for teaching. IKKOS is a better teacher than I am. 

— Sean Hutchison

Give IKKOS Pro a shot! 

Go to www.ikkos.com 

The IKKOS Swimming Pro app will be available in a few days in both iTunes and the Google Play App Store.

What is IKKOS

IKKOS vertical tower banner ad, May 1st, 2014Technology + Neuroscience = Miraculous Movement

IKKOS is an innovative learning system that rapidly teaches anyone who wants to learn or relearn physical movement – in minutes.

IKKOS combines groundbreaking technology with the latest in neuroscience research, specifically, the principles of neuroplasticity. It is the creative integration of an Olympic swim coach’s commitment to his athletes’ pursuit of excellence, his deep interest in neuroscience and pragmatic use of technology that delivered this unique method called IKKOS.

The Name IKKOS

IKKOS (pronounced E-kos) is named after Ikkos of Tarentum, the first recorded Olympic coach in ancient Greece. Ikkos was known as “the trainer of champions.” After winning the pentathlon at the 84th Olympiad in 444 B.C., he became known for his coaching ability and led two fellow Tarentine athletes to win the same event.

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Swimming Training is courtesy of IKKOS, a SwimSwam partner.

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