How To Underwater Kick Like Michael Phelps – Video

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February 02nd, 2017 News, Video

Courtesy of Ryan Rosenbaum / Phlex Swim Channel

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The term “fifth stroke” has only been coined for about a decade or so. In modern swimming, underwater dolphin kicks are the most efficient way to get from point A to point B while conserving energy. But not a lot of swimmers really pay enough attention to it. Todays drill is the Fish Kick drill. Large underwater kicks while on your side forces the swimmer to correct the over compensation of normal underwater kicks. The same amount of power should be applied to both the down and up kick. Watch as Luke Torres explains a little further.

Stroke Clinic is our chance to spread some of our swimming knowledge to everyone. By improving various aspects of a swimmer through technique and drill corrections, you will find yourself a more efficient swimmer. No matter your experience level.

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No disrespect to Michael, but I have to say Ryan hoeffer and Ryan lochte probably have the fastest underwaters out there


I can understand an argument being made for Lochte, but Hoffer? Seriously?? I understand he’s a great yards swimmer and all but watch any video of Hoffer swimming a 100 free LCM. Now compare his underwaters to Phelps swim on the Rio relay. I’m sorry, but there is NO comparison.


And yet he’s been 41.0 in yards. So yeah, the case could surely be made. I don’t understand the incredulity.


Agreed. IF the argument is purely about raw speed, then I don’t see why Hoffer and Shields shouldn’t be in the conversation. Hoffer has the fastest 50 free and he’s the only sub 19 guy I’ve seen that does 15m underwater off both walls and relies so heavily on those underwaters. If anything his LCM times are a great example of his reliance on the dolphin kicking portion. Shields is the fastest 50 flyer of all time in scy and has also thrown down some nasty 50/100 free splits with long kick outs (keep in mind conventional wisdom used to be that staying underwater was slower than on top of the water sprint freestyle, so seeing guys post these times… Read more »


I’d generally agree, but Phelps’ underwater off the turn on the 400 free relay at Rio would be tough for anyone to match. Same could be said for Locthe’s underwater off the 100 turn on his 200 free at the Worlds when he blew by Phelps to do a 1:44 (whenever that was). There are technical and real differences between underwaters at max speed off a dive and submax speed off a wall. Off the dive, Dressel should be in the conversation.

X swimmer

Yeah gonna have to agree with SVEN, phelps has great underwater s but not the greatest underwaters. His ability to do 7-8 in a 200 was his strength. Though remember in 2011 at the world championships in the 200 free where lotche turned at the 100 behind phelps and kicked passed him underwater and came up ahead? I’d say guys like Ian Crocker, lotche, schooling, hoffer would smoke phelps underwater when it comes to top speed.

Lefthanded Swimmer

What were Phelps times at Michigan in short course? So you’re knocking Hoffer’s long course when everyone knows underwater’s rule in short course. I say don’t compare their 100 LCM, compare a short course race. Look how long Hoffer stays under on short course 100 fly and 50 fr. I’d much rather get pointers from Hoffer on underwaters. Sorry.


How bout we just compare 15 meters.


Yo swimmer, imma let you finish, but Beyonce had one of the greatest videos of ALL TIME


U can add 2 other monsters of quick underwaters : Ricky Berens ( watch his last turn on the 800 free relay in Barcelona – A Master Piece !! ) and Tom Shields .


The guy in the video is very kute


drills are lame. how bout an explanation of just how to do it?

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