How To Run Safe, Paperless Swim Meets

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March 24th, 2021 Industry, News

Courtesy: Swimmingly

Everyone is excited and ready to get back to the pools this summer. We might not know exactly what each swim meet will look like, but we do know that they might be a little bit different – and that’s okay! If last year has showed us anything, it’s the willingness to adapt and make sure that swim meets can and will happen!

There are many summer leagues and swim teams across the country that are looking for ways to run paperless swim meets to help eliminate the transmission touchpoints around the pool deck. Not to mention, virtual meets require fewer volunteers on the pool deck to keep a safe swim meet environment! If you are looking for ways to keep your swim meets SAFE and FUN for everyone, this might be for you!

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Here is how you can simply run swim meets with NO PAPER and FEWER VOLUNTEERS with Swimmingly:

  1. Use the device already in your pocket to Start, Time, Judge, and Score your swim meets!
    • Starter: With the tap of a button, all timers will get a synchronized start for every single race. No more “Wait, wait, wait, I’m not ready!”
    • Timers: No clipboards, stopwatches, or timer cards needed for timers! Results are automatically sent to the scorekeeper from your device
    • Judges: No more DQ slips to pass from one person to the next
    • Scorekeeper: No more manual data entry
  1. No stopwatches or timer cards
    • No need to share stopwatches. Use the device in your pocket with no paper needed
    • Say goodbye to writing down times (or making them up) and passing them off to the next person to collect after each race
    • Every timer will see exactly who the swimmer is in their lane, tap save, and results will automatically be sent to the scorekeeper with NO PAPER TRAIL

  1. Fewer timers needed!
    • With a synchronized start for all timers, you will never have to worry about a timer reacting to the start. Whether the timer is a veteran, new, or simply distracted by a big wet hug, they will always get the start at the beginning of each race.
    • If using 2 timers: Each timer will get the synchronized start. Times collected at the end of each race will automatically be averaged for the Scorekeeper.

  1. No runners needed
    • Times from each timer will automatically be sent to the Scorekeepers table
    • Eliminate paper handoffs
  1. No DQ slips needed
    • Each DQ will be automatically send to the Scorekeepers table for review
    • Stroke specific infractions list: You will only see that stroke’s infractions that are based on the event in the water.
      • Example: 25 Free will only show you the Freestyle infraction list : )
    • Eliminate paper handoff

  1. No manual data entry!
    • No more stacks of paper (timer cards and DQ slips) to sift through during the meet!
    • Simply watch all of the times come in automatically to the Scorekeepers iPad. No need to create a big table for multiple volunteers. Only requires one volunteer!
    • Hangout and watch the meet from wherever is safest on the pool deck

  1. Paperless LIVE results for ALL spectators – SwimminglyFan
    • When is my child going to swim? Push notifications before their event!
    • How did my child do? Live results in your pocket! Printed results no longer needed
    • What’s the score of the meet? Live (unofficial) scores throughout the meet
    • When will the meet be over? Live event tracker

  1. Paper heat sheets (Optional)
    • Everyone involved in the swim meet experience will be able to view heat sheets from their own devices
    • Yes, you can still print heat sheets and pre-meet reports if you would like!

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About Swimmingly: Swimmingly® is an easy-to-use app and platform that makes swim meets simple and fun for everyone. If you are looking to run FASTER SWIM MEETS with FEWER VOLUNTEERS and NO PAPER, Swimmingly® is for you. Join the new home of virtual swim meets!

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The Swimmingly® app STARTS, TIMES, JUDGES, OFFICIATES, and SCORES your swim meets.

SwimminglyFan provides LIVE RESULTS and UPDATES for parents & spectators.

The Swimmingly® Clubhouse manages everything you need with your team and meet on the web! All you need for your season to run Swimmingly!

Courtesy of Swimmingly, a SwimSwam partner.

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