How To Get SwimSwam’s 2017 Swimming Superhero Magazine

If you want the SwimSwam Magazine 2017 Summer Preview (aka the Superhero Issue) with the Nathan Adrian cover, you must be a subscriber.  You can subscribe here.  Issues ship May 19th and take at least ten business days to arrive in-home for domestic subscribers.  

With your yearly subscription,  you receive over 600 of pages of swimming’s highest quality print content, and another 900+ pages of digital issues, going back to the first issue produced.

SwimSwam Magazines are a big, coming in at nearly a pound per issue. We provide you four massive print issues designed to sit on your coffee table like a piece of artwork.  With your subscription today you get the:

  • 2015 Year in Review (Michael Phelps cover) as a digital magazine
  • 2016 Swimsuit Issue (Ryan Lochte cover) as a digital magazine
  • 2016 Olympic Preview (Michael Phelps cover) as a digital magazine
  • 2016 College Preview (Katie Ledecky cover) as a digital magazine
  • 2016 Olympic Year in Review (Michael Phelps cover) as a digital magazine
  • 2017 Swimsuit Issue (Anthony Ervin cover) as a digital magazine (goes live digitally May 19th)
  • 2017 Superhero Issue + Summer Preview (Nathan Adrian cover) as a print magazine
  • 2017 College Preview as a print magazine
  • 2017 Year In Review as a print magazine
  • 2018 Spring Issue (aka Swimsuit Issue) as a print magazine

If you are already a subscriber, go to, type in your email/password and view the digital magazines.

See 8 reasons to love SwimSwam Magazine for our upcoming issues. 


You want 8-time Olympic medalist Nathan Adrian memorialized as a Superhero.  Nathan’s a deep well of swimming success and knowledge, profiled by celebrated writer and author Kip Fulbeck.


All issues going forward will have a big theme, one topic we cover in-depth. For the Summer Preview issue, it’s the Superhero theme, why we swim. In the future, we’re searching for the best themes and topics we can find. If you have an idea, email us and share it.


In addition to breaking down why we swim with a Superhero point of view, the latest issue is also the Summer Preview. We go in-depth on everything you need to know for the 2017 summer season from the junior level to the elites.


If you subscribe to SwimSwam Magazine, you can also buy back issues.  On the subscription page, check the box by any of the back issues to add them to your order. ***Please note, after several printings of our first issue, the 2015 Year in Review, we are out. Going forward we will not print additional runs. Once an issue is sold out, it is gone and only available on our digital platform.  Printed back issues are limited to what is in stock.


Our magazines are massive. The 2016 Olympic Year in Review comes in at 172 pages. (That’s an increase of 40 pages over the 2015 Year in Review, which came in at 132 pages.)  The Tony Ervin cover issue is also 172 pages!


The quality is high. SwimSwam Magazine has perfect binding (like a book), heavy card stock, and an expensive cover finish. If you haven’t subscribed, you simply don’t know. You feel it the instant you touch the magazine. The texture is amazing, and you’ll love how heavy it feels in your hands. Issues are nearly a pound.


Our covers are ideal for your coffee table or nightstand. Make a statement, show your swimming love, show that your sport is great and worth the respect it deserves.  Adorn it with SwimSwam Magazine.


SwimSwam Magazine named one of the 30 Hottest Launches of 2016

Competitive Intelligence of Media Leaders (MIN/Mr. Magazine) named SwimSwam Magazine one of the 30 Hottest Launches of 2016. Criteria for making the 30 Hottest list included:

  • Design
  • Creativity
  • Audience reaction
  • Industry reaction

Many thanks to MIN for this honor.  See the complete list of the 30 Hottest Launches here.


To knock you over with each issue, producing a must-have magazine that feels like a collector’s item.

To produce unique features never before seen in swimming media.

To present swimming like it should be, the greatest sport on earth.

At SwimSwam, we love the sport, and we love changing the paradigm of how it’s presented. For far too long swimming magazines have been the same, and it our goal to deliver something spectacular, a magazine you will be excited about getting every single time a new issue is released.

Subscribe to SWIMSWAM MAGAZINE here.

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