How Does a Gold Medal Club Head Coach Approach Coaching?

While filming with Carmel Swim Club, SwimSwam sat down with Carmel head coach and CEO, Chris Plumb. Plumb is constantly learning, picking up ideas from every coach and team he encounters during his travels. He does his best to sift through what he sees and bring the ideas he finds valuable back to Carmel, incorporating them into the CSC system in appropriate ways. He uses a variety of drills, mechanic work, and dryland tools to teach his athletes not only what will help them swim faster, but why it will help them.

Plumb has a lot to look forward to this season. Not only will the boys and girls high school teams be shooting to keep their historic state title streaks alive, but one of his star pupils, NCAA Champion and Olympian Drew Kibler, is now back at Carmel training as a pro. Plumb embraces the challenge to pushing all of his athletes towards their goals, whether that be at the high school, club, national, or international level.

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Get good grades today boys
1 month ago

Coach Plumb is the real deal. Was on his first team in Bloomington. You could tell his future was bright and not surprised he has ascended to the greatest heights of USA Swimming. Absolutely great coach and human.

2 months ago

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