Horton Lucky to Walk Away From Car Accident With Minor Injuries

On the weekend Australian distance star Mack Horton flipped his Land Rover in a single vehicle accident. Horton, who ranks first in the world in the 400 freestyle (3:41.65) and second in the world in the 1500 freestyle (14:39.54), was four wheeling with some friends on the weekend when he hit an embankment and flipped the vehicle.

Horton was trapped in the driver’s seated once the rough caved in, but was freed by two friends that were following in different vehicles. The only thing that prevented the accident from being more severe was a log that stopped the Land Rover’s momentum.

“I basically drove off a cliff,’’ Horton told the Australian. “I think I’ve used up all my luck for this year.’’

“The only thing that flashed through my head was a tube of pawpaw ointment that I remember sailing past my eyes,’’ he said.

“Everyone was worried because I hit my head but I hadn’t lost consciousness and I wasn’t concussed.’’

Horton was examined by the Australian national team medical staff where he received an MRI and CAT scan. The only injuries the 20 year old suffered were hairline fractures to his nose and cheekbone.

The one thing that irked Horton the most was that the accident forced him to miss a practice,“Once I realised I was fine, I was more pissed that I had to miss training, but I’ve only missed one session,’’ he said.

His coach Craig Jackson expressed his own sense of relief to the Australian, “He’s so lucky that all he’s got is a bruised ego and a few bumps and scrapes,’’ Jackson said.

“From now on, he’s allowed to get out of bed, go to training and go back to bed.”

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Tom from Chicago
4 years ago

Glad to hear Horton wasn’t injured. Hopefully everyone will take note; sports with wheels and swimmers generally don’t mix well.

Jakob I
Reply to  Tom from Chicago
4 years ago

Don’t tell Tyler Clary that

Ok world
4 years ago

Maybe it’s a good omen, in 2009 Using bolt was involved in a car accident. He then went on to break his own 100m and 200m world records later that year.

4 years ago

Once I made it through the article and realized he was ok, I immediately googled pawpaw ointment…

Reply to  dmswim
4 years ago

enlighten us

Fiona Roberts
Reply to  weirdo
4 years ago

Pawpaw ointment (made from Carica Papaya fruit) is found in most Australian households….following is an extract from the website of a leading manufacturer of the ointment “Every day, thousands of users of Lucas’ Papaw Ointment enjoy the benefits of its ability to relieve and cleanse. The ointment has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties and can be used as a local topical application on the following: Minor Burns & Scalds Sunburn Gravel Rash, Cuts & Minor Open Wounds Nappy Rash & Chafing Insect Bites Splinters & Thorns Many users of the ointment also report temporary relief of the symptoms of dermatitis and eczema. With so many uses and applications, it is always great to have a red jar of Lucas’ Papaw Ointment… Read more »

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