Hardest (SCY) Event Bracket: Get In Your Votes For Round 2

Round 1 saw a lot of blowouts between our “seeded” and “unseeded” events. Round 2 should set up some more intriguing showdowns in our “what is the hardest event?” bracket.

First, a recap of round 1:

Round 1 Recap

200 Breast (83%) over 100 fly (17%)

Not a close outcome. But the 100 fly did get a higher percentage of the votes than the 100s of back, breast or free, and more total votes than any of those options. This matchup got more votes than any other, too.

200 Fly (94%) over 100 Back (6%)

Another blowout, our second-most-lopsided poll of the round. Both butterfly events did relatively well.

200 Free (55%) over 200 IM (45%)

A very close one, in our only matchup of two events with the same yardage. Tough draw for the 200 IM, which probably would have beaten pretty much all of the round 1 losers and maybe a couple of the winners.

1650 Free (84%) over 100 Free (16%)

Our only same-stroke matchup and another blowout.

200 Back (53%) over 1000 Free (47%)

Our closest round 1 matchup and a really tough call. The final result came down to about 160 votes.

400 IM (96%) over 100 Breast (4%)

The biggest blowout of round 1, which probably says more about the 400 IM’s chances in this poll than the 100 breaststroke’s ranking.

50 Free (58%) over 100 IM (42%)

Another relatively close one, but probably a weak matchup with the two shortest distances. This one also got the least total votes of any round 1 matchup.

Updated Bracket

Round 2 Matchups

All events are in short course yards. The question is “Which event is harder?” Define “harder” however you wish.

200 Breaststroke vs 200 Butterfly

Which event is harder? (short course yards)

  • 200 Butterfly (68%)
  • 200 Breaststroke (32%)
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500 Freestyle vs 200 Freestyle

Which event is harder? (short course yards)

  • 200 Freestyle (52%)
  • 500 Freestyle (48%)
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1650 Freestyle vs 200 Backstroke

Which event is harder? (short course yards)

  • 1650 Freestyle (63%)
  • 200 Backstroke (37%)
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400 IM vs 50 Freestyle

Which event is harder? (short course yards)

  • 400 IM (92%)
  • 50 Freestyle (8%)
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Consolation Bracket

Which event is hardest? (SCY Consolation Bracket)

  • 1000 Freestyle (42%)
  • 200 IM (40%)
  • 100 Butterfly (6%)
  • 100 Backstroke (4%)
  • 100 Freestyle (4%)
  • 100 Breaststroke (4%)
  • 100 IM (0%)
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Second one is the toughest choice. As a drop dead 50 guy, I have a deep hatred for both events.

Chaitha D.



Agree, I think that at a club meet the 200 is more painful, but at JOs I think the 500 is worse cause it’s a championship meet.


Voted 200, but if you swim the 5 like Townley, that.


I know it’s just how the brackets are set up but guys, 50 free made it to the second round. 🤔

Speedy PG

The 50 free has the least room for error. It demands perfect everything. That takes lots of discipline. I would say that’s very very hard.


400 IM involves both


I’m shocked that there’s a deadlock right now in the NIT bracket between the 1000 free and anything.

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