Hammer Head Swim Caps Partners with Hope Floats Foundation to Save Children

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June 20th, 2019 Industry, News

Hammer Head Swim Caps​ and ​Hope Floats Foundation ​are partnering to take a proactive approach to make swimmers safer in the water. For each Hammer Head Swim Cap purchased, a donation will be made to Hope Floats Foundation to provide swimming lessons for children living in poverty. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, drowning is the leading cause of accidental death for children under 5 and the second leading cause of accidental death for children 14 and under. Statistics show that low-income children and children of color are at a higher risk of drowning.

Hope Floats empowers local communities with the tools to launch and sustain local swim lessons scholarship programs for children in poverty. 100% of local funds raised stay local and work to prevent drownings by teaching children in need how to swim and save their own lives. “It really does make a difference. Studies from the National Institutes of Health tell us that participation in formal swim lessons result in an 88% reduction in the risk of drowning for children,” says Cindy Tonnesen, Founder and President of Hope Floats Foundation.

As the world’s only protective swim cap, Hammer Head shares Hope Floats’ proactive approach to safety in the water. Hammer Head’s patented technology is designed to reduce the impact of head injuries that can occur from accidental and repetitive head strikes while learning their strokes and eventually, competing. Donations from Hammer Head Swim Caps will match local fundraising and community donations to provide double the impact – double the number of scholarships for local kids in need. ​“The equation is simple, more caps purchased = more children saved! And, this model gives every parent the opportunity to protect their child’s head while also contributing to saving the lives of kids in need!! We knew right away that Hope Floats shared our degree of passion for proactive safety measures in the water. We can’t help but feel twice as good working as a team,” says Theresa Finn, Co-Founder and CEO of Hammer Head Swim Caps.

David Burns, Co-Founder and COO of Hammer Head said, “​Hammer Head Swim Caps is thrilled that this partnership will promote preventative measures to save and protect the lives of kids! Hammer Head, by protecting their heads, and Hope Floats, by giving children in poverty access to swim lessons that they otherwise would not have had – a great 1-2 punch.”

To celebrate this partnership, Hammer Head is offering 20% off + FREE SHIPPING​ starting today through the month of July. Simply visit ​www.hammerheadswimcaps.com​/shop/ and enter the code “HOPEFLOATS”​ at checkout to get your own Hammer Head Swim Cap. Caps retail for $34.95 and are available in three sizes – large medium and small. Colors include black, red, pink and royal blue. For team or bulk orders call 1-888-842-515 to be connected with a representative. ​Order now and be a part of this great cause!

About Hammer Head Swim Caps

Hammer Head® Swim Caps is a patented product of Mako International LLC, co-founded by ​David Burns​, a 20-year swim coach and swim school owner, and ​Theresa Finn​, a sports brand marketing and business development executive with a manufacturing background. The Hammer Head has been endorsed by Rowdy Gaines and the ASCA (American Swimming Coaches Association), Hope Floats Foundation. Hammer Head® Swim Caps are the world’s only protective swim cap and are ideal for every age of swimmer bringing confidence in the water from improved head protection. Hammer Head incorporates patented HIT Honeycomb Impact Technology® designed to reduce head injuries that can occur from accidental and repetitive head strikes with other swimmers, or the pool wall, as young swimmers are learning their strokes eventually, competing. The TEKFIT® wrinkle-free surface provides more experienced racers with a cap that is both comfortable and fast, while giving parents peace of mind along with greater value because of built in strength and durability.

About Hope Floats Foundation 

Hope Floats Foundation is a nonprofit founded in 2016 committed to impacting the statistics on worldwide drowning. The Hope Floats model is a simple, sustainable way for swim schools to provide scholarships for high-quality swim lessons in their local communities. Hope Floats is rapidly expanding across the US, and has grown to nearly 100 swim school locations in less than a year after its national launch. Each location is poised to support its local community with scholarships for children in need. This is an effort that is easily replicated, and that will touch the lives of thousands of families and children across the US and beyond. To learn more about the Hope Floats Foundation and see a listing of swim school partners, please visit www.hopefloats.foundation.

Courtesy: Hammer Head Swim Caps, a SwimSwam partner. 

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