Hammer Head® Swim Cap, The First Pro-Active Defense for Swimmers 

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January 23rd, 2020 News

Courtesy of Hammer Head® Swim Cap, a SwimSwam partner

Head safety of our swimmers is top of mind for parents, coaches and athletes with the implementation of Concussion Protocol Training (CPT) across all states by major organizations like USA Swimming and the National Federation of High Schools Association.

We all know of the inherent risks in swimming like novice swimmers learning the backstroke, daydreamers doing circle turns and flip turns, 5 meter flags blowing in the wind and crowded practice and warm-up lanes. All make for a greater likelihood for head strikes and injuries, and this is especially dangerous for the young (12 & under) developing brain.

Most discouraging is the fact that many of these head strikes go UNDETECTED and UNREPORTED. We are learning of new neurodegenerative diseases that surface long after an accidental and unseen head strike occurs. It is like the old Chiquita Banana slogan, “a bump on the outside means a bruise on the inside.”

In a survey we conducted in November one of our key findings was that 91.8% of parents would take steps to protect their swimmer’s head if they knew of a solution. The Hammer Head® Swim Cap is NOW the first pro-active defense for swimmers.

Let’s put our heads together to make swimming safer! Click HERE to learn more about Hammer Head®! Click HERE to contact a representative near you.

Rowdy Gaines, Hammer Head Swim Caps

“I have spent my whole life working to educate athletes and families on the importance of staying safe in, and around, water. As much as we love seeing our children and young athletes enjoy recreational or competitive swimming, it’s critical that we all understand the risks of head injuries and concussion are just as great as they are on the football or soccer field. Swimming is a contact sport. And we need to protect swimmers. It’s just that simple.”

3-time Olympic Champion Rowdy Gaines

About Hammer Head

Like all great innovations, Hammer Head started with an ah-ha moment. In 2013, David Burns was coaching a swim team practice at a local country club pool with 40 kids in the pool when Madeline, his daughter, hit her head on the wall doing a backstroke finish. She started crying in pain. While David and his other coaches checked on her another, older swimmer hit her head even harder – and had to leave the pool with what turned out to be a minor concussion. Later David remarked, “what do I need to do to protect you – get you a helmet?” Madeline replied “PLEASE!” and the idea for the Hammer Head Swim Cap was born.

As if meant to be, co-founder Theresa and her husband Ken, swim club parents with experience in both product engineering and sports apparel brand marketing were sitting poolside. Everyone knew David was on to something.

Fast forward to today. David, a 20-year experienced swim coach and successful entrepreneur along with Theresa, a sports brand marketing and business development strategist are co-founders of Mako International, LLC. The company was created to design, manufacture and market Hammer Head Swim Caps in the United States and abroad. Together our mission is to reduce aquatic athlete head injuries one cap at a time.

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