Gretchen Walsh Ties for #2 All-time in the Girls 15-16 50 Free


Gretchen Walsh took 2nd in finals of the women’s 50 free at U.S. Nationals tonight, breaking 25 seconds for the first time in her career. The 16-year-old clocked a 24.85, bettering her personal mark of 25.03, which she swam at last Summer’s U.S. Nationals. Walsh’s previous best had her at #3 all-time for the girls 15-16 age group, and her new time ties her with Stanford’s Anya Goeders for #2. Simone Manuel holds the National Age Group Record at 24.80.

Walsh, Goeders, and Manuel are the only girls under 17 years old to have cracked 25 seconds. Here is the new top 10 all-time for 15-16 girls:

  1. Simone Manuel (2013) – 24.80
  2. Anya Goeders (2016)/Gretchen Walsh (2019) – 24.85
  3. Nikolette Morrissey (2018) – 25.05
  4. Marta Ciesla (2015) – 25.07
  5. Syd Dorsey (2019) – 25.15
  6. Isabel Ivey (2016) – 25.21
  7. Missy Franklin (2011) – 25.26
  8. Abbey Weitzeil (2013) -25.27
  9. Amy Bilquist (2014)/Maxine Parker (2019) – 25.28

Here are Gretchen Walsh‘s results from 2019 Nationals:

  • 100 free – 54.13 (previous best – 54.38)
  • 200 free – 2:03.15 (prelims)
  • 100 fly – 58.84 (previous best 1:00.80)
  • 100 back – 1:00.26 (previous best – 1:01.46)
  • 50 free – 24.85 (previous best – 25.03)

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Anya Goeders 24.85 in 2016, goes to Stanford –> 25.8


Damn true


Simone Manuel 24.80 in 2013, goes to Stanford –> 23.97.


I didn’t say Stanford wasn’t a great program, it is top tier – but it seems to hinder more swimmers than help. Just look at the results at just these nationals vs. their best times. Here are some that come to mind instantly
Hinder- Anya Goeders, Zoe Bartel (massively), Katie Ledecky, Taylor Ruck, Amalie Fackenthal, Lucie Noordmann, Erin Voss
Help: Simone Manuel, Ella Eastin, Maya Dirado, Allie Raab, Lauren Pitzer, (Brooke Forde Last summer)


I see what you’re saying. But you could say that with almost any program. I think it’s just more obvious with Stanford because so many high profile prospects head there.


Don’t base everything off of one performance. College swimming is a lot more than Long Course nationals…you’re comment is rude and not based off of anything.

Bobo Gigi

Maybe it has no relation to Stanford in particular. It could have happened everywhere else. There are so many parameters which can affect the performances like the change of environment, of training methods or the pressure about academics. Maybe her body has changed. Maybe she has had health problems. No idea. It’s true that many great high schoolers have stalled or have moved backwards in college. But it’s also true that many others have transformed into superstars. So there’s no rule. Hopefully Regan Smith will be on the good side. Honestly I would have preferred seeing her turn pro and stay with her current coach. It works very well. It’s risky to change someting working well. I’m a little bit… Read more »

remel can do anything

gretchen need to learn how to have a good start~~~~ rt 0.8 is not ok


Well so is Cate Campbell


When she gets lucky 😀


Put another Campbell on the barbie and watch ’em get cooked in the final.


🤣 Hey, don’t hurt em too bad! We saving that special for Tokyo 2020. But I’m sure Gretchen would love the taste of that dish.


I was telling someone after watching it how deadly she’d be with a good start. I’m sure she works on it constantly. Do we have a USA coach that’s known for being an expert with getting tall people to dive really well?

Awsi Dooger

Start is definitely her weakness. I emphasized that after the 100. Not only slow reaction and not particularly explosive, but also too deep on entry. It was actually much improved today over the 100. She partially makes up for the weak start with great reach and timing on the finish. But she does need to be more urgent on the finish.