Goelz Admits To Sex With Swimmer, Sentenced to 16 Years in Prison

Former Carmel High School and Carmel Swim Club coach John Goelz has been sentenced to more than 16 years in federal prison after admitting to having sex with a 17-year-old swimmer.

Court documents show that Goelz pleaded guilty this month to sexual exploitation of a minor. He admitted that he was in a relationship with a 17-year-old swimmer “from at least fall of 2017 through July 2, 2018.” The swimmer swam for Goelz at both Carmel High School and Carmel Swim Club. Court documents say that the relationship turned physical in February of 2018, and that Goelz and the girl had sex and oral sex between February and June of 2018. In June, Goelz used a phone to film a sexual encounter between them, and that phone and video were found by authorities during their investigation of Goelz.

The 29-year-old Goelz was sentenced to 200 months (or about 16 years) in prison, followed by 10 years of supervised release. He’s also ordered to pay $9000 to the swimmer he exploited, along with other court fees.

Goelz was already banned for life from coaching, appearing in the U.S. Center for SafeSport’s banned database as of last July. He will also be required to register as a sex offender for life.

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James Bogen

Filming the sexual activity and possessing the recordings are what made this case eligible for federal charges. This case provides a glimpse at what Sean Hutchison could be looking at if the feds find any pictures or recordings of that sort on any of his electronic devices that they seized.


I was going to say that sounds longer than normal. Not that I disagree with it at all.

James Bogen

Federal penalties are typically tougher.


so if he wouldn’t have recorded that video, what would you guys reckon would the sentence have been?


Probably no jail time. Pretty sure 17 is past age of consent in Indiana.

The age of consent in Indiana is 16; however, Indiana, like most (but not all) states, has special rules regarding persons in positions of authority and children under the age of 18 that still would have made this a crime.

James Bogen

It would depend on how many incidents of sexual conduct they could charge him for and how willing the victim is to testify.


You know Al Capone went in prison for not paying his taxes.


When I was younger, we used to joke “15 will get you 20”. Not so funny now.


Are there that many morally bankrupt or just plain stupid male coaches in our sport? What is so hard to understand about not sexually abusing your swimmers?


From all the down votes clearly there are more!

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