Give Your Ripped Tech Suits a New Change To Perform!

Courtesy of, a SwimSwam partner.

A unique and sustainable solution for all your tech suits which suffer from ripping fabric and corroded seams. This service is provided exclusively by

The Repair Service is focused on racing suits and repairing tech suits of all brands. Every tear, seam and torn big or small can be perfectly fixed according to the original production methods. The days of throwing your expensive tech suit away down the drain are gone!

The bonded seams of your tech suits are a highly technical and advanced component. These seams are developed with special glue and are sensitive for chlorine and human body acids, such as; sweat. As the seams are very sensitive for these fluids it is very important to take good care of your tech suits, so the bonded seams last longer.

Here are some tips on how to properly use your tech suit:

  • Make sure your tech suit fits perfect, if you need any help with your sizing look at our Perfect Fitting
  • Use your tech suit only for racing
  • Wear your suit only when needed, if you are done with your race then take your suit off
  • Make sure you have enough time before your race to put on your tech suit by yourself, it’s best to do it by yourself!
  • After racing rinse your tech suit very well and lay it flat to dry

If your tech suit starts decreasing it shows when the bonded seams start to get grainy. At the Repair Service we offer you a solution to fix your corroded seams with new strong bonded seams. Find out more on

Note: Repaired tech suits are not FINA approved

Are you interested in this opportunity to become a dealer for this exclusive Repair Service for your region? Send us an email with more information on your store and website. The benefits for your business to participate are:

  • You are accessible to the swimmers community. It is a service which is in great demand for all swimmers and could help them a great deal;
  • Sustainability is a key factor for growing your business, now and even more in the future;
  • The repair of all kinds of brands, so the service is not brand limited;
  • You will receive a referral on our repair page and in our advertorials;
  • Most important of all: very satisfied and happy swimmers!

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