Get Ready, Get Rowdy: Women’s NCAA’s cheering sections Go Hard (Video)

NCAA’s is an exciting event unlike any other. It carries the weight of a top of the top championship meet, so you expect to swim fast, but at the same time you aren’t swimming for yourself. It’s all for the team. As with most other college sports, the team reigns supreme at this meet.

The athletes know it. The coaches know it. But no one know it more than the fans. Dawning their best school spirit and gear, parents, siblings, alumni and friends walk into The Nat this week ready to give all the support that they have in the best way they know how: Cheering their butts off for their teams. It’s quite the spectacle to behold. I did my best to capture highlights from the first morning of prelims. And trust me: it’s only getting rowdier from here.

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