Germany, Czech Republic and Finland All Announce European Games Squads

With the inaugural European Games set to begin on June 12th several countries have revealed their teams for the competition. Over the last few days Germany, the Czech Republic and Finland have all published the athletes who will represent their nations at the games.

The German squad will consist of 30 athletes which includes 16 males and 14 females:

Thore Bermel, Moritz Brandt, Ole Braunschweig, Maximilian Forstenhäusler, Paul Hentschel, Alexander Lohmar, Henning Mühlleitner, Ronald Müller, Tobias Niestroy, Nico Perner, Leo Schmidt, Paul Schön, John Tesch, Marek Ulrich, Moritz Walaschewski, Konstantin Walter

Jana Augenstein, Lea Boy, Thea Brandauer, Katrin Gottwald, Marie Graf, Laura Kelsch, Leonie Kullmann, Julia Mrozinski, Lia Neubert, Phillis Range, Josephine Tesch, Hana van Loock, Maxine Wolters, Jana Zinnecker

The Finnish team will consist of 16 athletes including 12 female and four male:

Roosa Mört Åbo, Aino OtavaReetta KanervoSini KoivuSohvi NenonenEssi-Maria LillmanMoona KoskiAlma LumioEveliina KallioNea-Amanda HeinolaJulia BruneauMelek Ayarci

Christoffer FredriksonNiko MäkeläNikita SaunonenJuho Grönblom

The Czech Republic will be bringing four male and six female athletes including:

Mark Osina, Franta Tomáš, Josef Moser, Jakub Brezina

Seemanová Barbora, Trnková Michaela,Chrápavá Edita, Benesova Anna, Janíčková Barbora, Geržová Dominica


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5 years ago

You may want to double check the Czech women’s names, it appears you have them reversed. For example, it is probably Anna Benesova, not Benesova Anna. -ova is the traditional ending of Czech women’s last names.

Diky moc.

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