Best German swim teams fight for national team championships title

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February 03rd, 2017 Europe, International, News

The German National Team Championships are an event for German swim clubs – each club must swim the Olympic program over three sessions (two on Saturday, one on Sunday) but there are no relays. Every swimmer is only allowed to swim in 5 different individual short course events. The achieved times are converted into points according to the FINA scoreboard, the women’s and the men’s team with the most points win the title.

Many German top swimmers compete in Essen in the top league, the “1. Bundesliga” including names like Franziska HentkePhilip Heintz, Sarah Köhler, Isabelle HärleHendrik Feldwehr, Christian Diener, Yannick Lebherz and Damian Wierling.

You also find a familiar name in international swimming in the psych sheet – Hungarian Zsuzsanna Jacabos will collect points for the SV Würzburg 05.  Amercian Anthony Cox, who swam during his studies for the Auburn University and the University of California-Berkeley, also starts for the SV Würzburg 05. He won the men’s title last year with this German team.

On the women’s side, the swimmers of the SG Essen have won the title eight times in a row – and perhaps can make it a nine times in a row on the next weekend. But two top scorers of the last years  won’t swim: Sprint lady Dorothea Brandt and breaststroke specialist Caroline Ruhnau. Ruhnau  retired from competitve swimming in 2016.

These teams battle in the first league, the  “1. Bundesliga”, for the titles:

Women Men
1. SG Essen 1. SV Würzburg 05
2. SSG Saar Max Ritter 2. SG Essen
3. SV Nikar Heidelberg 3. SV Nikar Heidelberg
4. SG Frankfurt 4. SSG Saar Max Ritter
5. SV Würzburg 05 5. SG Stadtwerke München
6. SC Magdeburg 6. SG EWR Rheinh. Mainz
7. SG Dortmund 7. 1. Potsdamer SV
8. SG Stadtwerke München 8. SC Magdeburg
9. SV Halle/Saale 9. SG Neukölln Berlin
10. SG Neukölln Berlin 10. SG Frankfurt
11. SG Bayer (newcomer) 11. SV Halle/Saale (newcomer)
12. Wfr. Spandau 04 I (newcomer) 12. SG Dortmund (newcomer)


German National Team Champions 2016 – SG Essen











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