Former IAAF President Admits To Slowing The Handling Of Russian Doping Cases

Lamine Diack, the former president of the world athletics governing body (IAAF), admitted to slowing the handling of Russian doping cases between 2011-2013 in front of a French court on Thursday.

Diack, along with five others, began their corruption trial on Monday, with the 86-year-old Senegal native officially being tried for corruption, money laundering and breach of trust. Diack allegedly received payments from Russian athletes to cover up their doping cases in order to allow them to continue to compete.

On Thursday, per a report from the BBC, he admitted to slowing the handling of Russian doping cases “for the financial health” of the organization.

“We were going through a difficult moment financially,” he said. “My duty was to make sure the IAAF got out of it.

“Who took the decision to spread out the [sanction procedures]? It was me. It was mainly for the financial health of the IAAF. The financial health of the IAAF had to be safeguarded and I was prepared to make that compromise.”

Diack is being accused of accepting around 3.45m Euros to cover-up the doping.

He claims the incentive for the cover-ups was to prevent the doping cases derailing talks with potential Russian sponsors.

Currently denying the charges he’s facing, Diack could face up to 10 years in jail if found guilty.

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CHAZ in Seattle

OFF TOPIC: here in CHAZ (Seattle-break away country), we held our swimming Olympic Trials for the 2021 Tokyo games. Many fast times, but the highlight was Raz the Warlord’s WR in the 100 free (lc) of 0:45.31 (he was out in 21.45). Raz is ready to take on the world!

CHAZ in Seattle

Just got some bad news about Raz the Warlord’s Olympic eligibility: it appears that he’s hitting up businesses in CHAZ for protection money. If I’m not wrong, I think that racketeering is against the Olympic code of conduct for athletes. Sad day!


What on earth am I reading? I’m assuming this is a parody and I am daft and out of the loop. Don’t you think claiming to break a world record by 1.6 seconds is ridiculous? I really hope I am just ignorant to your attempt at humor


Been following Raz since his age-grouper days, he’s a huge inspiration. Always thought it was weird that he was a mid-distance guy when his 6’9″ height, aggressive tempo, and constant primal screaming were more suited for a sprinter. Glad to see he finally figured out a shorter race.


Yeah, but can he take on DEAN FARRIS?


I am shocked (SHOCKED!) to learn there may have been corruption in an international sports federation. Surely this must be a mistake.


What a convenient fall guy. 86 yo never going to jail but 3.5 m euros??

The corruption of international sports leadership stands alone


If the money laundering charges stick, US DOJ might be interested in taking him on if any of the currency transaction was in US dollars.

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