Following Positive Test, Gabriel Santos Suspended From ISL DC Trident Squad

We reported yesterday how 23-year-old Brazilian sprinter Gabriel Santos had reportedly tested positive for the banned substance Clostebol stemming from an out-of-competition test conducted on May 20th. The substance is considered a weak anabolic androgenic steroid on its own, but was used as one ingredient of oral turinabol, a staple of the East German state-sponsored doping program back in the 1970s and 1980s.

Also this week Santos was announced as a member of the International Swimming League (ISL) squad DC Trident, the American-heavy squad led by General Manager Kaitlin Sandeno. As such, the ISL has issued a statement concerning Santos’ positive test results as follows:

Brazilian swimmer Gabriel Da Silva Santos, the World Anti-Doping Agency, and the National Swimming Federation were notified Tuesday of the athlete’s positive doping test. In response, the International Swimming League (ISL) immediately took action. 

The ISL and the DC Trident have temporarily suspended Da Silva Santos, 23, while waiting for “the B-sample” to confirm or cancel the result of the initial test (the “A-sample”). 

Da Silva Santos was selected last week to compete as a member of the DC Trident for the upcoming ISL competitions, set to begin this October.

“No doping control rules violation will be overlooked,” said Andrea Di Nino, the managing director of the International Swimming League. “This case serves to reiterate our stance on banned substances and breaking doping control rules – no such behavior will ever be condoned. From the outset, the ISL has been an advocate for transparency and clean sport. Any athletes with doping control or ethical violation records will be considered ineligible with no recourse.”

If Da Silva Santos goes ahead with a “B sample” check in the next 10 days, the league’s final decision will be based on the final ruling from the appropriate governing body. 

“We were shocked and disappointed to read this headline, and of course fully support a zero tolerance policy for doping on our team and in the league,” said Kaitlin Sandeno, general manager of the DC Trident

Santos swam on Brazil’s 400 free relay at the 2016 Olympic Games, the 2017 World Championships, and the 2018 Pan Pacific Swimming Championships. That includes winning gold at Pan Pacs and silver at the World Championships. He was selected as part of the 2019 Brazilian roster to compete at both the Pan American Games in Lima, Peru and the World Championships in Gwangju, South Korea. The swimming portion of the World Championships begin on July 21st, and the swimming portion of the Pan American Games starts on August 6th.

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2 years ago

Seriously don’t get why swimmers are hoping on juice. Sure it can speed up training recovery and increase muscle but is terrible for ur health and organs. Fix that technique up and you could be world class

2 years ago

“Any athletes with doping control or ethical violation records will be considered ineligible with no recourse.”

Just noticed the ethical violation part. Does this mean that, theoretically, if Phelps wanted to hop in a few races to help publicity or something, he wouldn’t be allowed to due to his bong and dui suspensions? ISL rejecting the goat would be entertaining theater for sure…

Reply to  DMacNCheez
2 years ago

Lol anybody who’s been following ISL should have figured out by now that they’re going to do what they want. That’s why they won’t share any actual details about anything – it’s all just sunshine and flowers and “ISL IS GOING TO CHANGE THE WORLD!” Russian Oligarchs aren’t big into rules, so they’re not going to set any rules…

13 % Chinese person
Reply to  GatorChomp
2 years ago

He changed citizenship to Ukraine 2016. Probably because Moscow hit him with a tax bill ..

2 years ago

SUSPENDED!? Doug. Kick him off the tour.

Mcgill Rocks
Reply to  sscommenter
2 years ago

They probably will if the B sample comes back positive as well. There is a small chance that this is a false positive, but I doubt it.

Reply to  Mcgill Rocks
2 years ago

Based on his apparent admission to use of the cream that includes the banned substance, that would invalidate a “false positive” claim. He’s now effectively admitted to using the banned substance. This is what happened to Amanda Kendall – she never actually tested positive, she wrote the medicine on her reporting form and didn’t have a TUE.

2 years ago

And I–Ope!

2 years ago

They should suspend Cody Miller for his repeated Dolphin Kicks! >:(

Swimmer A
2 years ago

Is Madisyn Cox allowed to complete in the ISL?

Texas Tap Water
Reply to  Swimmer A
2 years ago


Reply to  Swimmer A
2 years ago

No, she is not. She was told she is not eligible.

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