Foil Monofin: The Benefits Of Using a Single Blade Fin

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April 07th, 2014 Gear, International, Masters, Training

Courtesy of FINIS, a SwimSwam partner.

Using the Foil Monofin is a great way to practice underwater dolphin kicks and also to get into great shape. The Monofin was the first product made by FINIS just over two decades ago and has evolved into a critical training tool for some of the best swimmers in the world.

FoilMonofin-Banner-300x300The incredible speed drawn from the Monofin is not only a ton of fun, but also extremely beneficial to a swimmer’s body. The dolphin motion demands that the swimmer engage all of the muscles through the legs and the core. At such high speeds, a swimmer will compensate for the resistance and pressure that is typically more difficult to feel and is highlighted by the single blade fin. The Foil Monofin is a great way to train a powerful underwater dolphin kick and to improve a tight streamline through the breakout.

Try the following set with the Foil Monofin, or Monofin of your choice.

4 Rounds
4 x 25’s, underwater kick — build to Fast; on :30
2 x 25’s underwater kick — FAST; on :45

-50 easy swim/kick on back-


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