Florida Smashes Last Remaining Super-Suited NCAA Record In 200 Free Relay – 1:13.35


One of the most vaunted records in swimming has finally been cracked.

After coming incredibly close on two separate occasions, the University of Florida has finally taken down the 14-year-old NCAA and U.S. Open Record in the 200 freestyle relay, clocking a blistering 1:13.35 on Thursday at the Men’s NCAA Championships.

The quartet of Josh Liendo (18.22), Adam Chaney (18.37), Eric Friese (18.64) and Macguire McDuff (18.12) came together to erase Auburn’s 2009 mark of 1:14.08, which was the last remaining super-suited NCAA record.

Record Split Comparison

Auburn, 2009 Florida, 2023
Jakob Andkjær – 18.89 Josh Liendo – 18.22
Gideon Louw – 18.33 Adam Chaney – 18.37
Kohlton Norys – 18.67 Eric Friese – 18.64
Matt Targett – 18.19 Macguire McDuff – 18.12
1:14.08 1:13.35

Chaney, Friese and McDuff also split similarly to Auburn’s final three legs in the 2009 relay, but it was Liendo’s sizzling lead-off of 18.22 that made the difference, as he was more than three-quarters of a second quicker than Jakob Andkjaer (18.89). The lead-off time for Liendo was a new personal best, dipping under the 18.40 he clocked in the individual 50 free shortly beforehand.

Florida won the NCAA title last season in 1:14.11, and then came within a hair of the mark once again last month at SECs in 1:14.19.

Compared to their swim at the conference meet, the Gators switched up the order, putting Liendo on the lead-off and McDuff on the end, and the move paid dividends.

Liendo was only two-tenths slower without a takeover, while McDuff was nearly a full second faster, throwing down a scintillating 18.12 anchor which tied for the fastest split in the field.

The Gators also slotted in Friese on the third leg after he sat out at SECs and Alfonso Mestre swam the anchor.

Florida Split Comparison

2022 NCAAs 2023 SECs 2023 NCAAs
Adam Chaney – 18.85 Macguire McDuff – 19.09
Josh Liendo – 18.22
Eric Friese – 18.39 Josh Liendo – 18.02
Adam Chaney – 18.37
Will Davis – 18.28 Adam Chaney – 18.26
Eric Friese – 18.64
Kieran Smith – 18.59 Alberto Mestre – 18.82
Macguire McDuff – 18.12
1:14.11 1:14.19 1:13.35

After no one got under Auburn’s record for 14 years, two teams did it in the same heat, as Cal also broke the 1:14 barrier.

Bjorn Seeliger (18.59), Jack Alexy (18.12), Liam Bell (18.59) and Destin Lasco (18.52) combined for a time of 1:13.82 to place second and rank #2 all-time.

Florida v. Cal Split Comparison

Florida Cal
Josh Liendo – 18.22 Bjorn Seeliger – 18.59
Adam Chaney – 18.37 Jack Alexy – 18.12
Eric Friese – 18.64 Liam Bell – 18.59
Macguire McDuff – 18.12 Destin Lasco – 18.52
1:13.35 1:13.82


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NCAA swammer
2 months ago

It took 14 years to undo the damage the suits had on NCAA swimming.

Sadly, there’s still some world records left 💔

Boxall's Railing
2 months ago

Friese just along for the ride this year.

Reply to  Boxall's Railing
2 months ago

If a 19.7 50 Fly split and 18.6 50 Free split are going “along for the ride” then literally every NCAA team would love a guy who goes along for the ride like Friese.

Last edited 2 months ago by 25Back
S Dailey
2 months ago

Since when did 0.65sec become. 3/4 of a second?

Demarrit Steenbergen
Reply to  S Dailey
2 months ago

Perhaps is was meant to be 2/3rds?

2 months ago

Per Meet Mobile, Friese’s splits were 8.4/10.2

Is that right? 10.2 seems relatively slow compared to A) the 8.4 (which is blazing, one of the best first 25s in the entire field), and B) every other swimmer at this level. If so….then they have quite a bit of room for improvement on this record, too, all other things being equal.

Michael Andrew Wilson
2 months ago

0.00 and 0.04 are not very safe starts. I think it was “record or bust” for those guys.

Pesci Detales
2 months ago

Bunnets off to MacGuire McDuff!

It’s over for CD
2 months ago

Leon Marchand is a better swimmer than dressel. It’s proven. Good thing dressed has retired

Demarrit Steenbergen
Reply to  It’s over for CD
2 months ago

Sir, this a 200 free style relay article

2 months ago

Popovici, Marchand, the last yards-suited record is gone, and on LCM women’s side only a few more years until those super-suited ones last. This new era of swimming is just more unpredictable than ever.

Reply to  Khachaturian
2 months ago

I would bet that that W 200 fly record will still stand in 2030.

captain undeez
Reply to  Barry
2 months ago

men’s 800 LCM record is pretty bulletproof as well, it seems. 7:32 is back to back 3:46s, that one’s probably safe for a while.

Emily Se-Bom Lee
Reply to  captain undeez
2 months ago

it’s a negative split swim, but the wr split is still the fastest front end ever

Last edited 2 months ago by Emily Se-Bom Lee
Reply to  Emily Se-Bom Lee
2 months ago

No one talking about men’s 200 back. Generally W200 fly and men’s 800 are TUFF

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