Five Seconds Behind… A Poem

I push off the wall I go on the top

Before you push off, you better stop


Take a look at that clock, please verify

That you are actually going to leave on the five


I am swimming along, just doing my best

So quit touching my feet you little pest


If you’d actually left when the coach blew his whistle

My set would feel a whole lot more blissful


I thought we were pals so why would you do this?

Push off on the two, how could you be so remiss


Ten seconds would truly be a whole lot better

Then we would not be swimming so close together


Please learn to read the clock, it’s truly quite easy

If you really need help, just ask me, it’s breezy


So the next time you decide to get in my lane

Go five seconds behind and don’t be a pain.

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1 month ago

This is absolutely genius
Send this to the person that does this
(you know exactly who.)

1 month ago

Ngl when I read the title I thought it was about the backstroke leg in a 4IM and I related

tea rex
1 month ago

Just be respectful, show a minimum of class
If you won’t leave on the five, I WILL kick your …

Reply to  tea rex
1 month ago

Haha quite literally

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Mary Northcutt

Mary is a former 6-time All-American swimmer at Carson-Newman University. She technically was a 50-freestyler, but her favorite events were relays. She wrapped up her swimming career at the 2020 Division II National Championships in March. Since then, she has recently started her first year of Physical Therapy school at …

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