Articles by Mary Northcutt

Being The Swim Team Mom

This team mom is one of the actual swimmers on the team—usually an upperclassman who knows the ropes and is always a little over-prepared for things.


Turning Point

Turning points can be the high points of a career, but also moments where things might’ve not gone your way and can serve as learning experiences.

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Most Likely To Go Pro

Towards the end of my senior year of high school, I was unexpectedly named “Most Likely To Go Pro” by my peers.


Birthday Swims

Reminiscing on the tradition of birthday swims, when your teammates would gather around and splash you while you swim butterfly.

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Record Breakin’ Ready

Fond memories of being “Record breakin’ ready” back in Summer League, just like the Olympians we’re watching today are.

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Zach Harting: Olympian

“(Zach) is going to work to be the very best he can, and that alone makes him the great leader and teammate he is. The fun and shenanigans are just a bonus.”


Summer League and the Olympics

Summer League and the Olympics go hand in hand in the development of a young swimmer.


My First Meet

“Sometime around 15 years ago I swam my first meet, and let me tell you 8-year-old me did not know what was coming for her.”



From breathing patterns, to hypoxic sets, to the air quality on deck, breathing can be a complicated and challenging thing in swimming.


Lane Buddies

The people you swim with day in and day out can have a profound effect on both your enjoyment and performance in the pool.

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Swimmer Shoulders

Our shoulders are what help us succeed in the pool, but with great power comes great responsibility. Here are a few complications that come along with them.


In a Moment

When seasons (or careers) were abruptly cut short last year, looking back on all of the little moments can help give the perspective that it was all worth it.

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Keeping Up With Your Nose Clip

Here are a few tricks to make sure you never have to worry about not having your nose clip handy again.

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My First Meet In The Stands

The experience of watching your former collegiate team race can be a strange, emotional one, knowing you’ll never be back on those blocks again.


Shoutout To My Swim Parents

Here are a few little stories of things that my parents did for me that I, quite frankly, could never repay them for.