FINIS Vapor Launches January 2014, Video Teaser

Courtesy of FINIS, a SwimSwam partner.

The Vapor tech suit uses hydro-reflective technology to repel water and increase your optimal efficiency. The suit is constructed from a premium Italian fabric and is made in the EU. The Vapor’s internal panel construction reduces muscle vibration and maintains core stability by compressing critical areas of the body. The welded and lay-flat seams create a compression fit to reduce friction while improving reliability. The silicone water-tight panel edges provide a comfortable grip against the shoulders, legs, and waist. Designed in California at the FINIS Stroke Lab.

FINIS, Vapor

The Vapor will be available to our preferred accounts beginning in January 2014.


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Patrick Brundage
8 years ago

If only we could go back to bodysuits for the men or, failing that, price points for jammers that reflected the amount of material (and, hence, impact) these suits have. Some manufacturer needs to break the price collusion going on here.

Steve Nolan
8 years ago

If only there were a material that was like, really super-hydrophobic. (I’m guessing that’s what hydro-reflective means?) Would be super cool if they could just use that stuff, instead of this substandard combination.