FINIS Set of the Week: Speedometer – Pace Work for Mid Season

Set of the Week is courtesy of FINIS, a SwimSwam partner.

This week’s set comes USA Triathlon Level I Coach Terry L. Wilson.

The purpose of this test is to see how well athletes are at pacing on the longer distance swims. The goal is for the 800 yard swims to be negative split and the 100 yard all out sprints after the long sets to be at an equal or less than pace per 100 of the 800 yard swims. This is ideal for an athlete that is looking to dial in their long course pace and unsure of their current paces. This set will help the athlete see if they can push harder on the longer sets or if they are maximizing their efforts.

1 x 200 Nice and Easy

3 x 800 Negative Split

1 x 100 All Out Free (Write down time)

4 x 100 Free (all must be same or faster than the first 100 Free for time)

200 cool down

***BONUS POINTS: For a major yardage day, do a 2nd round with the 100’s as a non-free stroke

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Set of the Week is courtesy of FINIS, Inc., a SwimSwam partner.

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JP input is too short

I feel like a 100 all out isn’t really “all out” if you can go the same or faster 4 more times right after.


None of these sets are any good

Kirk Nelson

Agreed. I think the 100 “all out” should really be tied to your pace on the 800s. Say it should be X seconds faster than your pace on the back half of those swims. Then the 4×100 should be at that pace or better,

Johnny Bravo

These sets are always terrible. Who writes these and thinks they’re any good at all?


Garbage yardage clearly. But written by triathlon coach so thats part of the problem. Drop the 200 ez at the beginning it’s pointless. I’d run set like this

1×800 neg split by x 100
4x200pp @ 3:00 descend 1-4
8×100 @ 1’05
16×50 [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]