FINA Releases ‘Junior World Bests’ Short Course Standards In Order To Identify Junior World Records

Following an announcement by FINA in November of last year stating that they would begin to recognize short course Jr World Records, FINA stated that they would release “Junior World Bests” in short course events in order to identify the initial Junior World Record breakers.

The “Junior World Bests” times were released today by FINA following the acceptance of short course Jr World Records as of January 1st, 2015, and are the first step in identifying official short course Junior World Record swims. When FINA implemented the long course Junior World Records, they used the Junior World Championship times as the benchmark to be the first official record holder. With no Short Course Meters Junior World Championships to fall back on, however, FINA had to come up with an independent set of standards, which they are referring to as “World Best Times.”

The swimmers can break any of these world best times at any meet in order to become the recipient of the title of the first Junior World Record holder, presuming of course that they meet all of the standard requirements including doping controls, pool measurement, and wearing FINA-approved suits.

Swimmers eligible for the Junior World Records must be, for girls, 14, 15, 16 or 17 and for boys, aged 15, 16, 17, or 18 as of December 31st that year.

The following times below are the ‘Junior World Bests’ time standards. To see all of the Junior records click here.

SCM World Best Times/Benchmarks (Boys)

50m freestyle 21.32
100m freestyle 47.20
200m freestyle 1:41.95
400m freestyle 3:39.48
800m freestyle 7:41.51
1500m freestyle 14:27.70
50m backstroke 23.71
100m backstroke 50.91
200m backstroke 1:48.86
50m breaststroke 27.05
100m breaststroke 58.15
200m breaststroke 2:03.23
50m butterfly 22.43
100m butterfly 50.53
200m butterfly 1:51.30
100m ind. Medley 51.93
200m ind. Medley 1:52.48
400m ind. Medley 3:59.15
4x50m freestyle 1:27.46
4x100m freestyle 3:12.56
4x200m freestyle 6:59.66
4x50m medley 1:38.29
4x100m medley 3:28.05

SCM World Best Times/Benchmarks (Girls) 

50m freestyle 24.09
100m freestyle 52.09
200m freestyle 1:53.07
400m freestyle 4:00.56
800m freestyle 8:16.11
1500m freestyle 15:54.69
50m backstroke 26.13
100m backstroke 55.99
200m backstroke 2:00.03
50m breaststroke 29.84
100m breaststroke 1:02.36
200m breaststroke 2:18.90
50m butterfly 27.90
100m butterfly 56.64
200m butterfly 2:05.44
100m ind. Medley 58.36
200m ind. Medley 2:04.64
400m ind. Medley 4:23.33
4x50m freestyle 1:40.59
4x100m freestyle 3:32.63
4x200m freestyle 7:43.73
4x50m medley 1:52.11
4x100m medley 3:49.16

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6 years ago

My only real question is who are the record holders?

Reply to  MIKE
6 years ago

Probably no one.I know at least two times from last year faster than that marks:Sedov 20.59 at World SC in 50free and Matheus Santana 47.07 in 100free in a state champs in Brazil.

Reply to  DDias
6 years ago

I believe the 200 free belongs to Yannick Agnel for a leadoff in the 4×200 free relay from the 2010 Dubai world championships

Reply to  MIKE
6 years ago

If I’m not mistaken Ian Thorpe was 1.41.10 at the age of 17 in February 2000 so that swim is also faster than the given standard.

6 years ago

What if the swimmer is under the age requirement?

Reply to  coachjs
6 years ago

coachjs – then they wouldn’t be eligible to break the record. I don’t quite understand why certain things like these have age “floors,” but the good news is that if a swimmer is peaking and swimming best times before the ages listed above…well…that’s probably an issue anyway.

Reply to  Braden Keith
6 years ago

Braden, would it be possible for swimswam to compile a list of ‘actual’ world junior short course bests based on historical swims and publish it on the site (similar to swimvortex’s ‘world textile best’ list)? I for one would love to see it 🙂

Reply to  Sprintdude9000
6 years ago

Hey Sprintdude9000 – we’ll try…but that’s going to be much tougher than the one we did in long course. We can take a stab at it though.

Reply to  Braden Keith
6 years ago

Great! 😀

6 years ago

Why the disparity in ages between boys and girls? Either someone is a junior or s/he is not. Why treat boys and girls differently?

Reply to  Robbert
6 years ago

That’s because girls tend to swim faster times in a younger age

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